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Department of Literature and Language

The Mockingbird Archives

The first issue of The Mockingbird appeared in the spring of 1974; it began months earlier, when the English Department chair, John Tallent, assigned the task of faculty advisor to Robert J. Higgs. The Mockingbird received additional funding and support from Dan Teis, the Art Department chair at the time. The Mockingbird, however, has always been a student publication; its editorial staffs and contributors must be ETSU students. The magazine has, therefore, provided an outlet for the creative talents and applied skills those students have developed at ETSU. As we approach our 50th anniversary, we offer these recent issues to inspire student contributors to come.


Mockingbird 2010-2011

The Mockingbird Volumes 37 & 38 (2010/2011)

Edited by Jeff Holland (2010) and Jason Bacen (2011)

Relaunching in a new format, this double issue features award-winning writing by Natasha Snyder, Jacob Vines, Sam Smith, Juliet Ramirez, Bradly Hartsel, Ethan Palmer, Sterlin Hammond, Brittany Shope, and Ethan Palmer. The Mockingbird 37/38 contributors also include Adam Lambert, Anthony Cole, Rebecca Catron, Luke Champouillon, Leona Holman, Robert Kottage, Derek Slagle, Caron Castle, Audrey Peters, Daia Stager, Issac Wilson, and Tina Michael.


Cover of 2012 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird  Volume 39 (2012)

Edited by Sean I. Levenson

Writing award winners Therese L. Castaneda, Charles Hagy, Robert Kottage, Josh Holley, and Alex Dykes, an interview of Rita Sims Quillen by Sam Campbell, and contributing writers Mollie Horney, Mags Colvett, Sara Sutterfield Winn, Katherine D. Zimmerman, Rachel Bates, Ashley Fox, Victoria L. Vanderveer, and Catherine Pritchard Childress make The Mockingbird 39 a solid read.


2013 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Volume 40 (2013)

Edited by Catherine Pritchard Childress

The (difficult to find in print) milestone 40th issue of The Mockingbird opens with a dedication to Robert J. ("Jack") Higgs, the magazine's first faculty advisor, followed by an interview of him conducted by his daugher, Laura Higgs Kappel. This issue features award-winning new writing by Sara West, Joseph Bowman, and Madison Brown as well as pieces by distinguished alumni such as Jane Hicks, Rita Quillen, Maria Steel, Nicolas Smith, Nell McGrady, Greta Talton, and Janet Leigh Robinson. Contributors include Adam Lambert, Luke Champouillon, Sam Campbell, Daniel Morefield, Jake Lawson, Jerianne Paul, DeVan Burton, Keith Brake, Robert Kottage, Natasha Snyder, Laura Simpson, and Mags Colvett.


2014 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Volume 41 (2014)

Edited by Mags Colvett

With award-winning writing by Cate Strain, Andrew Butler, and Joseph Bowman, The Mockingbird 41 also offers Ashley Fox's interview with Jane Hicks. Contributors include Adam Timbs, Joseph Sloan, Jerianne Paul, Josh Blevins, Danielle Byington, Daniel Taylor, Jacob Vines, Andrew Barnes, Mary Hunter, Jared Sand, and Andrea Menendez. 


2015 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Volume 42 (2015)

Edited by Jacob Vines

Featuring Beth Miller's interview of Kevin Brown, The Mockingbird 42 includes writing by award winners Blaine Boles, Tucker Foster, and Dana T. Speight. Contributors include Cory Howell, Matthew L. Gilbert, Danielle Byington, Kelsey A. Solomon, Lauren Fowler, Daniel Isaac Ratliff, Raleigh Cody, and Mary Emily Vatt.


2016 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Volume 43 (2016) 

Edited by Jessica Hall

The Mockingbird's 43rd issue features award-winning writing by Lindsey King, Gabe Cameron, Elizabeth Saulsbury, and Kelsey A. Solomon, who also conducts an interview of Catherine Pritchard Childress. Contributors include Katie Lea, Danielle Byington, Matthew Gilbert, Laura Traister, Janice Hornburg, Rachel Maynard, Jonathan Hill, Beth Miller, Joshua Cole, Nancy Jane Earnest, and Laura Traister.


Mockingbird 17

The Mockingbird Volume 44 (2017)

Edited by Danielle Byington

With an interview of Don Johnson by Jonathan Hill, the 44th issue of The Mockingbird includes award-winning writing by Bradley Hartsell, Michelle Wanzor, and Mark Hutton. Contributors include Blaine Boles, Janice Hornburg, Gabe Cameron, Abby N. Lewis, Nancy Jane Earnest, Brandon Bragg, Seth Grindstaff, Keith Maultbay, and Adam Timbs.


Mockingbird 2018

The Mockingbird Volume 45 (2018)

Edited by Kara Russell

Award-winning writing by Adam Timbs, Amanda Sawyers, Rachel Nicole Lawson, and Emily Williams McElroy feature in this difficult-to-find issue. The Mockingbird 45 contributors include Seth Grindstaff, Thomas Chase Clayton, Jillian Bailey, Alexandria Craft, Mark Hutton, Kayla Hackney, Andrew Miller, Calvin Ross, Zöe Hester, William Rieppe Moore, Janice Hornburg, Hannah PUrdy, Bradley Hartsell, Alexandria Craft, Lacy Snapp, Nancy Jane Earnest, and Amber Rookstool.


2019 Mockingbird Cover

The Mockingbird Volume 46 (2019)

Edited by Matthew Gilbert

Featuring an interview of Tamara Baxter conducted by editor Matthew Gilbert, The Mockingbird's 46th issue offers award-winning writing by Sam Campbell, Dayton Sheffield, and Lacy Snapp. Contributors include Kayla Ireson, Michh McCrotty, Emma Owens, Amber Rookstool, Megan Cruey, Elizabeth Chapman, Abby Lewis, Dillon McCroskey, Jessica Dunker, Nancy Jane Earnest, Rieppe Moore, Emily Price, and Lia Hall.


2020 Mockingbird

The Mockingbird Volume 47 (2020)

Edited by Sam Campbell

The Mockingbird's 47th volume features award-winning work by Harley Mercadal, Trevor Stanley, Abby N. Lewis, and G. Johnson. Editor Sam Campbell offers an interview with Darius Stewart. Contributors include Amber Rookstool, Dillon McCroskey, Emily Price, Jessica Dunker, Scottie Garber-Roberts, Haley Grindstaff, Matthew Powers, Zoey Thomas, Matthew Powers, Matthew Bennett, Alex Mauger, William Rieppe Moore, Dayton Sheffield, Nancy Jane Earnest, Cheston Axton, and Emily Williams


We regret that current technological limitations prevent our being able to offer online complete issues prior to our 2010/2011 issue of The Mockingbird.

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