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Department of Literature and Language


We will solicit submissions for the 2021 issue in September, 2020. Please review these guidelines as you prepare your submission.

Eligibility: The Mockingbird is East Tennessee State University's award-winning literary/art publication. All currently enrolled ETSU students are eligible to submit to The Mockingbird regardless of major.

Entry Requirements and Format: All written work must be typed and available in electronic form if requested. There is no fee for entry. Students may enter previously unpublished works in as many categories as they wish, but they must not submit more than the permitted number per genre. The Mockingbird practices blind submission.

  • Poetry: Students may submit up to five poems per academic year. Individual poems should not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages in length.
  • Fiction: Students may submit up to two pieces of fiction per academic year. These may be short stories or self-contained scenes from longer works. Fiction submissions should not exceed twenty (20) double-spaced pages.
  • Non-fiction Prose: Students may submit up to two pieces of creative non-fiction prose per academic year. These pieces may be self-contained or portions of longer works. Non-fiction prose submissions should not exceed twenty (20) double-spaced pages.
  • Drama: Students may submit up to two pieces of drama. These may be short pieces or self-contained scenes from longer works. Drama submissions should not exceed twenty (20) double-spaced pages.

Authors must title their own works (we will not accept untitled entries).

The annual entry deadline is November 1.

Electronic Submissions: Electronic submissions are preferred and accepted via email at . The body of the email must contain the submitter's name, E number, email address, mailing address, phone number, major and class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.). Also list the title of each submission and its category (fiction, poetry, etc.).

Submissions themselves must be submitted as attachments in .doc, .docx, .odt or .rtf format.

Each work should have its own document file. The first page of each file must be a cover page. This page should have your name, E number, phone number, email and title of work. Place your E number and the title of the work at the top of each page. Do not place your name within the submissions except on the title page. We will not consider submissions that do not follow the submission guidelines.

Visual Arts Submissions: Traditionally, The Mockingbird's literary staff does not select the student art included in its pages; those pieces have won awards in annual competitions held by the ETSU Department of Art & Design. Please look for its announcements for the art competition during the spring semester.

Residual Rights: The Mockingbird reserves the following rights pertaining to publishing material:

  • Aside from print publication, The Mockingbird reserves the rights to publish representational segments of all written work on our website or on our Facebook page 
  • The Mockingbird reserves the rights to republish material in future anthologies, collections, or solicitations
  • The Mockingbird returns other publishing rights to the creators with the stipulations that subsequent publications will note that The Mockingbird has been the first publisher of the material.

We invite all currently enrolled ETSU students to consider submitting literary work to The Mockingbird.

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