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Women's Studies Program

Department of Literature and Language

Catalog view of Requirements for the Women's Studies Program


Women's Studies Minor Requirements
21 Credit Hours

Women’s Studies offers students an interdisciplinary education that examines social processes, history, culture, politics, health, media, and justice as they relate to women. This program of study promotes an increased awareness of gender issues and highlights the relationships between race, class, and gender. Courses are designed to help students develop philosophical and historical perspectives on gender, to appreciate women’s contributions to the arts, sciences, and humanities, and to make informed choices as individuals and professionals.

Women’s studies graduates are prepared to take leadership roles, particularly in positions that require training in women’s and diversity issues. Fields such as criminal justice, politics, health care, teaching, social work, communications, and activism all call for the knowledge and skills students attain through coursework in women’s studies. In any chosen career, women’s studies graduates serve as a progressive voice for change and equality.

Required Core Courses - 2 courses; 6 credit hours
WMST 2010 - Introduction to Women's Studies
WMST 2020 - Women in Global Perspective
WMST 3330 - Feminist Thought and Practice 

Electives  - 5 courses; 15 credit hours
* Elective are to be chosen in consultation with a Women's Studies Advisor. 

Women and Cultural Production
ARTH 4117 - Women Artists & Their Art
ENGL 3500-  Women Authors
ENGL 4087 - Themes in Women's Literature
ENGL 4290 - Film Genres: Women in Film
PHIL 3110 - Philosophies of Feminism

Women's History
HIST 3313 - Women in Ancient World
HIST 4247 - History of Women in U.S., Settlement to 1945
HIST 4837 - American Women Since WW II

Civic Engagement
SPCH 3346 - Speaking for Social Change
WMST 4080 - Women's Studies Internship
MGMT 4460 - Organizational Leadership

General Electives
CJCR 4950 - Special Topics in Criminal Justice and Criminology
CJCR 4957 - Special Topics in Criminal Justice
HDAL 2340 - Understanding Cultural Diversity (1)
PSYC 3300 - Psychology of Women
SOCI 3030 - Gender and Society
SOWK 1030 - Cultural Diversity (1)
COMM 4200 - Gender and Communication
WMST 2020 - Women in Global Perspective
WMST 3330 - Feminist Thought and Practice
WMST 4018 - Honors Thesis
WMST 4500 - Women's Studies Senior Capstone
WMST 4900 - Independent Study
WMST 4950 - Issues in Women's Movement
WMST 4957 - Special Topics in Women's Studies
Women's Studies Emphasis courses (max of two) (2)
Other approved special topics courses (3)

1. Students can count either HDAL 2340 Understanding Cultural Diversity or SOWK 1030 Cultural Diversity toward the major, but not both.

2. Women's Studies Emphasis sections are special sections of stand courses, which are designed and taught in ways that still meet their original course criteria within their own departments and within Gen Ed, but also highlight female writers/theorists, women and gender issues, and/or feminist frameworks. These courses are designated by the WSSC, in consultation with instructors. Limit of two.

3. With approval of the Women's Studies Committee (WSSC), additional special topics or other unique courses may be counted toward the minor.

Interested in a declaring a Women's Studies minor? Visit the forms page on the Registrar's Office website or stop by our office in Campus Center Building (room 211).

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