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Philosophy & Humanities

College of Arts & Sciences

We’re proud of all our graduates, and their many varied accomplishments, but please allow us to introduce just one (for now). Meet Aneel Deshmukh …

Photograph of Aneel Deshmukh

Aneel graduated in 2011 with a BS in philosophy, then began his studies at Quillen’s College of Medicine. He is now a resident physician at the University of Florida, specializing in anesthesiology.



Aneel, are you glad you majored in philosophy?

 Yes, I think that majoring in Philosophy was crucial to my personal and professional development because it helped provide a framework for critical thinking as well as opened my mind to different lines of thought regarding areas such as ethics, metaphysics, and political philosophy, which I find extremely relevant to my own personal interests. 

How do you think the skills you developed through philosophy relevant to your current job?

Well, my profession requires structured thinking and reasoning to support differential diagnoses and treatment strategies. Coupled with the communication and listening skills imparted in my medical training, I believe that my philosophy background has immensely benefited me and my ability to function in a fast-paced clinical environment.

In what ways do you think philosophy has enhanced your life outside work?

Philosophy has provided a method of introspection that I find enriching my personal life. It enables me to discuss personal issues and events with clarity as well as provides additional background for understanding current events. It also makes people think I'm really deep, which has great social benefit!

Great stuff! Thanks Aneel.







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