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Philosophy & Humanities

College of Arts & Sciences

We’re proud of all our graduates, and their many varied accomplishments, but please allow us to introduce just one (for now). Meet Emily Roberts…

Photo of Emily Roberts, class of 2011 Emily is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee.    She graduated      from ETSU in 2011, with a degree in  philosophy. A few years later  she graduated from  American University Washington    College of    Law  and is now a staff attorney at the New Hampshire  Public  Defender.


 Emily, are you glad you majored in philosophy?

Very glad. It prepared me well for law school with the ability to read complex material and write about it. It's also an awesome conversation piece. I love replying the common question of "what did you major in?" with "philosophy!"

Would  you say that you’re satisfied with your work?

Love it.

How  do you think the skills you developed through philosophy are relevant to your current job?

I have to read a lot. Most of what I read is police reports and occasionally legal cases. I also developed the skill to look at a situation from multiple angles or points of view which is helpful when assessing a case's strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, how has philosophy enhanced your life outside work?

The philosophy students were awesome. I still miss the group of people who were always up to talk about something other than the Kardashians (don't get me wrong, I Keep Up With Them...). But having a solid group of people made me know what I want out of a group of friends. So, philosophy had given me an avenue to search for people who are willing to engage... Not necessarily agree but just engage about anything. While it's hard to find that it's nice to know what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time Emily and don’t forget to  pay us a visit next time you’re in town.




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