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Religious Studies Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

Religious Studies Faculty

This list of professors is made up of instructors from a range of departments. 
The Religious Studies program is an interdisciplinary program hosted by the Department of Philosophy & Humanities.

JENNIFER ADLER  Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Humanities (BA Harvard University MA PhD Vanderbilt University) American religious history

JOSEPH BAKER  Department of Sociology (BA, MA East Tennessee State University, PhD Baylor University) Sociology of Religion, Religion in Contemporary American Popular Culture

WILLIAM DOUGLAS BURGESS JR.  Department of History (BA, MA, University of South Florida, PhD University of Wisconsin) History of religions in the ancient world and late antiquity, History of Christianity and Buddhism

JEFF GOLD  Department of Philosophy (BA University of Wisconsin MA PhD Ohio State University) Religious dimensions and influence of Greek and Hellenistic philosophical traditions, Emerging American religious movements

KEITH GREEN,  Coordinator  Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Humanities (BA Saint Olaf College MDIV Yale University PhD Brown University) Western religious thought, religion and ethics, method and theory in the study of religions, philosophy of religion, gender and sexuality in the study of religions

LINDSEY KING  Department of Sociology and Anthropology (BS East Tennessee State University, MA Georgia State University, PhD University of Tennessee) Anthropology of religion and social scientific study of religion in culture

JOSHUA REID  Department of Literature and Language  (BA Virginia Tech, MA-English University of Kentucky, MA-Art History University of Kentucky, PhD University of Kentucky) Bible as Literature, Bible in Literature, Visual Arts, and Film.

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