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Crime, Addiction, Re-Entry (CARE) Lab

Department of Psychology

Crime, Addiction, Re-Entry (CARE) Lab

Dr. Kelly E. Moore's CARE lab is driven by research suggesting that numerous intersecting factors contribute to criminal justice system involvement, and that people in the criminal justice system have high rates of untreated mental health and substance use problems.

We believe clinical psychology can play an important role both in improving the behavioral health of justice-involved populations as well as reducing crime and incarceration.

CARE lab researchers investigate psychological, behavioral, and sociocultural factors that lead individuals into the criminal justice system and contribute to poor adjustment following release from incarceration.

For instance, we examine the intersection of various problems with criminal behavior in order to identify malleable targets of intervention, like:

  • mental illness
  • emotion dysregulation
  • personality
  • substance use 
  • anticipated and internalized stigma

The CARE lab emphasizes translational research with clinical applications: our ultimate goal is to adapt existing evidence-based interventions for justice-involved individuals, develop innovative treatments for this context, and disseminate evidence-based practices widely in the criminal justice system. 

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