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Society of Appalachian Historians

College of Arts and Sciences

Society of Appalachian Historians
Nuclear power steam towers, steam locomotive, and plow.
WELCOME to the website of the Society of Appalachian Historians, an organization which seeks to provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of innovative historical scholarship on any aspect of Appalachia. Please plan to join us.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Society of Appalachian Historians
will not meet in 2021. 
Our meetings are smaller, more personal, and maintain much of the working group character that launched this organization more than a decade ago. The communal nature of our meetings is our strength. Not being able to match that online in a virtual setting is a major reason--in addition to lingering safety concerns--that led to this decision.
With that in mind, we plan to come back strong in 2022. Details on where and when that meeting will take place are forthcoming.
We appreciate your patience and your continued support. We look forward to being in a room discussing Appalachian history with you again soon.
















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