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Student Affairs

College of Arts & Sciences

The Office of the College of Arts & Sciences - Student Affairs
offers services to Arts and Sciences majors

All College of Arts & Sciences majors seeking help from the Dean should come to the office of the College of Arts & Sciences - Student Affairs at Sherrod Library 355 for assistance and not to the college administrative offices in Gilbreath Hall. The only exception is filing a complaint, see the tab below for more details.

Adding a course
Dropping a course
Overload approval (Advisor and Dean's approval required for registration for more than 19 credits)
Catalog extension
Appeal for readmission hearing after receiving a suspension notice
Grade appeal
Academic misconduct charges

If you need a signature from the dean on a document or you have questions please contact Donna Corbitt () or 423-439-5248.

College of Arts &Sciences - Student Affairs does not process complaints about ETSU faculty and staff members. Please review the university policy on complaints. The full Student Complaint Policy and Procedure can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs under the Policy and Procedure section. Please file the respective form below with the appropriate university official. Complaints about faculty or staff members should first be directed to their department chair. If the chair's response does not satisfactorily address the problem, the next appeal should go to the dean of the college that houses the department. In the case that the complaint is about the chair, the form should go directly to the dean of the college that houses the department.

In the College of Arts & Sciences, complaints that have already been processed by the appropriate department chair but need further attention should be sent to Dr. Gordon Anderson, Dean, , College of Arts & Sciences, Gilbreath Hall 206.

Student Complaint Policy

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