Cybersecurity Awareness Month may be over but staying safe online is a year-round effort. Good security practices in the digital world – sometimes known as digital hygiene – have never been more valuable than they are now. We share special moments of our lives with our friends using social media, we keep vacation photo albums on cloud storage services, and we stay in touch with loved ones far away using chat services. To help protect these treasured memories, the Office of Information Technology Services at East Tennessee State University encourages all ETSU employees to complete a free training course offered for their benefit.

A few quick tips to get started on good cybersecurity.

  • A Simple Step for an Extra Mile!

    Protect your valuable data with multi-factor authentication (MFA)!

    By adding Another simple step when logging into an account, MFA increases the security of your account. It is often used on accounts that hold either valuable financial or personal information such as banks, financial institutions, online stores, and social media platforms. Check out this resource provided by the National Cybersecurity Alliance to learn more about MFA and its benefits! Don't forget to brush up on ETSU's own MFA procedures.

  • Dont Take the Bait!

    Criminals phish using fake emails to lure you into clicking on them and handing over your personal information or installing malware on your device. The signs can be subtle, but you can avoid taking their bait once you know what to look for. Follow these tips provided by National Cybersecurity Alliance on how to spot and report a phishing email!

  • Sleep Tight and Don't Let the Computer Bugs Bite!

    Performing software updates is an easy way to keep your information secure. Updates fix general software issues and provide new security patches to decrease your risk of compromising data. Not sure if your software needs to be updated? Check out this resource provided by National Cybersecurity Alliance for tips and more information!

  • Secure the Doors to Your Virtual Home!

    As our lives expand while we do more online, many of us have gone from having just a couple of passwords to upwards of 100 or more. Stolen passwords can be used to gain access to accounts and sensitive information. But no need to fret, password managers can make a substantial difference. And better yet, they are easy to use. Take a look at this resource provided by National Cybersecurity Alliance to learn more about password security methods!

ITS recommends that the ETSU community not use Internet Explorer.


To get the real-time security information from ETSU, you have two options:


1. Download the ETSU App from the App Store or Google Play


2. Text ETSU to 237233 to receive emergency alerts by text message