Undergraduate Student Cost

Undergraduate Student Estimated Costs

2021-22 Student Estimated Cost

Tuition For One Semester
Housing and Meal Plan for One Semester
Semester Total
Annual Total

In-State includes Tennessee and the following border counties:

    - North Carolina: Ashe, Avery, Haywood, Madison, Mitchell, Watauga, & Yancey

    - Virginia: Grayson, Lee, Scott, & Washington

2021-22 Student Estimated Cost

Tuition For One Semester
Housing and Meal Plan for One Semester
Semester Total
Annual Total

2021-22 Student Estimated Cost

Tuition For One Semester
Housing and Meal Plan for One Semester
Semester Total
Annual Total

*Estimate only. Based on full-time undergraduate students enrolled in 15 hours a semester. This rate applies only to new students enrolling Fall 2021 onward. Returning students who enrolled prior to Fall 2021 should contact the Bursar's Office for their tuition estimate.

Discover how to pay for college!

Office of Financial Aid

Paying for school is easier than you might think. Your time at ETSU is an investment in your future! ETSU offers affordable, convenient high quality education. Discover how ETSU can help make your future a reality.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships administers federal, state, and institutional aid programs to qualified students. Filling out your FAFSA is the first step in qualifying for aid. This application is used by the federal government, state aid agencies, and institutions to determine your eligibility for many types of aid including grants, loans, and even scholarships. You need to file a FAFSA each year you wish to receive aid.

Visit our Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information. Feel free to contact our financial aid counselors for any help or questions you may have.


In-State Scholarships

Awards are given per semester

ScholarshipACT/SATGPAAWARD Per SemesterAWARD Per Year
Presidential 30/1360 3.9 $2,500 $5000
Provost 27/1260 3.5 $2,000 $4,000
Deans 26/1230 3.5 $1,500 $3,000
Faculty 25/1200 3.5 $1,000 $2,000
Faculty 22-24/1100-1160 4.0 $1,000 $2,000

Promise Plus

ETSU Promise Plus is an exciting new program at East Tennessee State University for first-time, full-time TN resident freshmen eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship and the maximum Pell Grant. Unlike any other promise scholarships available to Tennessee residents, ETSU Promise Plus provides last-dollar tuition assistance and program services fees, PLUS more.

APS Scholarship Information Transfer Scholarships Department or College Scholarship

For more information regarding Payment options for ETSU, please visit the Bursar's office using the following links:


Bursar Website Payment Plans

Understanding In-State and Out-of-State Tuition

Your rate of tuition will depend on your residency. Residents of Tennessee and select border counties will pay the in-state tuition rate. Residents of other states will pay the out-of-state rate.Border Counties that qualify for in-state tuition.

All students must submit proof of their residency to comply with Tennessee’s Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act (EVEA) law.

Have a question about whether you qualify for in-state or out-of-state tuition? Review our residency requirements page for the full policy. You may need to complete the Residency Inquiry Form. Contact Michele Williams at for guidance.

Out-of-State Tuition Assistance
Out-of-state students majoring in programs not available in their home state may be eligible to participate in the Academic Common Market. For general university scholarships please visit

Understanding Your Costs

Educational expenses will depend on your tuition rate, the number of credit hours you take, whether your courses have special fees, and whether you take your classes on campus or online. The Bursar’s Office will help answer your questions on costs and the process of paying your tuition & fees.

Tuition rate: The amount of tuition at public institutions depends on a student’s residency. Residents of Tennessee and qualifying border counties will be pay the in-state rate and non-residents will pay the out-of-state rate.

Number of credit hours: A bachelor’s degree is awarded after a student completes 120 credit hours of coursework (there are some exceptions). On average, a student will need to take 15 credit hours each semester to graduate in four years. Students must take at least 12 credit hours per semester to be enrolled full time.

Special fees: In addition to the cost of tuition, certain courses may have fees associated that cover the expense of technology, program materials, specialized instruction methods, and administrative costs. Enrolled students can review their fees in their personal ETSU student account, called GoldLink.

Living expenses will depend on whether you live on campus and participate in a meal plan, or live off campus. It is strongly encouraged (but not required) that students live on campus because of the academic and personal support it provides to students transitioning into independent living. The Department of Housing and Residence Life will help answer your questions on the costs of rent in a residence hall and the cost of a meal plan.

84% of Students Receive Financial 24M Scholarships Awarded Nearly Half Graduate Debt Free