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Audio-Video Hosting and Distribution

Host your content on the ETSU YouTube channel

Our staff can take any video content for which you own the rights and make it available for easy online distribution via the ETSU YouTube channel. YouTube is a great hosting solution for content because of its usability across a wide range of computing devices. Additionally, YouTube has several features which make captioning and content management easy for a large organization like ETSU.

What about content privacy?

If you have content that doesn't need to be made public, then we can hide the video so that it will only be distributed to your intended audience.

How should files be delivered?

Video files are typically too large to send via email, so instead we recommend that you send your media to us using the ETSU Dropbox utility. This will allow you to send files up to 2.0 GB in size. Simply log into the dropbox tool using your ETSU username and password, add Jason Jones () to the "To:" field, upload your videos files, and include any relevant description information for the videos (course code, title, etc.) to the message field.

Intellectual Property Policy

ETSU’s Intellectual Property Policy 1.13 ascribes ownership of lecture recordings to the individual responsible for the intellectual content.

Information Technology Services (ITS) views lectures and special presentations as scholarly works:

  • Content is prepared and presented by a scholarly person (instructor/guest speaker), based on current, specialized knowledge gained through personal or professional study.
  • Content is intended for a scholarly audience (students or knowledge-seeking guests of the university).
  • Information is transferred to the audience.
  • Objectives are outlined and fulfilled.

ITS will:

  • Record and upload lectures to the internet only with permission of the instructor or presenter.
  • Remove lectures from the internet at the behest of the instructor or presenter, even if they are not employed by ETSU.
  • Make a reasonable number of copies of the lecture material upon request from the instructor or presenter.

ITS will not:

  • Sell recorded materials without permission from the instructor or presenter.
  • Give permission for others to distribute copies without permission from the instructor or presenter.


If you need more information regarding media distribution, please contact our Media Specialist, Jason Jones ( | 439-5873).

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