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Audio-Video eStudio

Creating instructional video for online courses

Do you want to create engaging videos for your online courses without having to invest several hours into the technical aspects of recording and editing audio and video? We can help!

The eStudio is a 12' X 15' studio located on the third floor of the Campus Center Building. It is equipped with professional audio, video, and lighting equipment to record presentations or interviews intended for use in online course instruction. In addition to audio and video recording, we also provide editing services to clean up the presentation. This allows lecturers to record multiple takes within a single session, if needed, and our editors will put together a seamless final product. We can also incorporate high quality images, computer screen captures, or video clips. Creating video can be a lot of work, but at the eStudio we allow you to stay focused on delivering content to your students.


You must book the studio in advance (call 96976). Turnover time from recording to internet delivery may be from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on our schedule.


A small changing room is available next to the studio if you want or need to change clothes.

The studio gets warm; consider bringing a beverage. Preparation to the same level at which you would be comfortable in the classroom is advised. If you wish to script short presentations, a teleprompter is available. We can quickly transfer most text documents (non-PDF) to the teleprompter.


Upon completion, we will upload the final video presentation to the ETSU YouTube channel and provide you with a URL which you can use to post the video to your D2L course site.

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Hours for 5/19 12pm - 5:30pm

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