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Information Technology Services

East Tennessee State University

ERP Access


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Access

an Information Technology Services Policy


This policy outlines the requirements for granting access to enterprise information system resources. It describes who may be granted access, and describes conditions for termination of access.

    1. Policy:

Access to the ERP and ancillary systems at ETSU is provided to employees as necessary to help with the performance of assigned duties. These privileges are granted with the understanding that they will be used as stated on the Banner Account Request forms. These privileges may be revoked if use of this access invades the rights of personal and/or institutional privacy, results in the destruction of personal and/or institutional property, demonstrates a potential for loss, embarrassment of litigation to the individual and/or institution, or because of an otherwise irresponsible use of a limited resource. The employee agrees to abide by the ETSU Information Technology Code of Ethics, Policy PPP-44. It is the responsibility of the employee’s immediate supervisor to ensure that computer resources are being used in a manner consistent with the needs and responsibility of the employee’s position.

Employees may be provided access to the systems needed to perform the functions of their positions as governed by the following guidelines:

      • Instructors, academic deans, academic department chairs, academic secretaries and regular employees within administrative units directly responsible for maintaining or utilizing Banner data may be eligible for an account. Additional consideration may be granted for other employees with supervisor and data custodian approval.
      • The employee must have a current contract with the university.
      • The appropriate Banner Account Request form should be completed by the employee and forwarded to the designated data custodian.
      • If the request is approved by the data custodian, it will be sent to Information Technology Services and the account will be created or modified.


Approved: Information Technology Council
Reviewed: March 2017

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