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How to Order an Journal Article or Book:


Cost of Journal Articles for ETSU

  • ML or CONBLS (Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries)

Students - $1.00; Faculty, Physicians, Residents, Staff - $2.00

  • Outside CONBLS - $12.00-$13.00

Average turn-around time 1-2 days

  • Cost of ILL Books for ETSU - $13.00

Average turn-around time 1-2 weeks


Cost of ILL Journal Articles/Books for Non-Affiliated Individual Clients

$15.00 (plus lending library cost if applicable)


Medical Library (ML) Document Delivery

Journal articles for all patrons, ETSU students/staff and non-affiliated, are delivered in PDF format via patron's email address.Books are delivered via university or postal service mail or upon pickup in the Medical Library.



ETSU Students ILL/ML document delivery costs are billed to the student's online Sierra library account. At the student's convenience, he/she may stop by the Circulation Desk in the Medical Library to pay the fee.

ETSU Faculty, Physicians, Residents, Staff - ILL/ML document delivery costs are billed to the patron's department.

Non-Affiliated Invoiced monthly.