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Academic Approvals Matrix


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Academic Action Department Chair College Curriculum Committee Teacher Education Advisory Committee College/Graduate Dean UG Curriculum Committee/Graduate Council Academic Council ETSU President Academic and Student Affairs Committee ETSU Board THEC
THEC Academic Policies
A1.0 New Academic Programs: Approval Process
 *Establish New Academic Program  X  X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X  X Approve  Approve 
 *Establish New Certificate 24–up credits   X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X  X  Approve Approve 
THEC Academic Policies
A1.1 Academic Program Modifications
 Change or add a program degree designation when change does not involve a significant curriculum shift in redefining the program’s purpose   X      X    X  X  Notify Notify  Approve 
 Change  degree designation for an existing academic program or concentration per written recommendation of a disciplinary accreditation body  X      X    X  Notify Notify  Approve 
 *Establish free-standing academic degree program from an existing concentration with steady enrollment/degrees awarded within both the degree designation and all concentrations under that degree for a period of the last three years  X  X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X Notify Notify Approve
THEC Academic Policies
A1.3 New Academic Units
 Establish College/School:  Instructional unit that includes several departments and is administered by a dean or director  X      X    X  X  X Approve  Approve 
 Establish Division: Two or more departments within a college or university which may be administered by an assistant or associate dean  X      X    X  X  Notify  Notify  Approve 
 Establish Academic Department:  Organized around common and similar academic areas and administered by a department chair        X    X  X  Notify  Notify  Approve 
THEC Academic Policies
A1.5 Academic Actions Notification*
 *Establish New Certificate 12-23 credits  X  X  if appropriate  X  X  Notify Notify Notify
 Name/Title Change for Program/Concentration  X      X    X  X Notify Notify Notify
 Establish New Concentrations  X  X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X Notify Notify Notify
 *Change (increase or decrease) in number of hours of an existing program    X    X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X Notify Notify Notify
 Consolidation of two or more existing academic programs into a single academic program without an essential change in the original approved curriculum and without a net gain in the number of programs an existing academic program   X  X  if appropriate  X  X  X  X Notify Notify Notify
 *Extension of an existing academic program to an approved off-campus center    X      X        Notify Notify Notify
 *Change of the primary delivery mode for an existing academic program.  The extension to  100% off-campus delivery requires additional action if the location of delivery is to be converted from an off-campus site to a center   X      X       Notify Notify Notify
 *Inactivation of an existing academic program or concentration.  If the inactivated academic program or concentration is not reactivated within a period of three years, the academic program or concentration will automatically be terminated and removed from the institution’s inventory   X      X
+ College Dean support (for post-bac programs)
   X   Notify Notify  Notify
 *Reactivation of an academic program or concentration that was placed on inactivation within the past three years.  The date of inactivation and the date of the proposed reactivation must be provided  X      X
+ College Dean support (for post-bac programs)
   X    Notify Notify  Notify
 *Termination of an academic program or concentration.  A teach-out plan should accompany the notification of termination  X    


+ College Dean support (for post-bac programs)

 X  X  X  Notify Notify   Notify + teach-out plan



ETSU Academic Actions

 Admission, Progression, Retention, Graduation Policies (University)          X  X  X  Approve Approve  N/A
 Admission, Progression, Retention, Graduation Policies (Program)  X  X if appropriate   X  X  X  Notify  Notify N/A
Establish minor (18-21 credits)   X  X  if appropriate   X  X  X  X Notify Notify N/A
 Significant revision of existing academic program: degree, certificate, concentration, or minor   X  X  if appropriate   X  X  X  X Notify Notify N/A

Establish Institutes and Centers (not a budget line item)

 X      X    X  X Notify Notify N/A
 *Site Codes  X      X        N/A  N/A  Assign
*THEC Notification Schedule for A1.5 Actions
May 15  Actions approved between Jan 1 and April 30 The chief academic officer at each university will submit all academic program actions designating that each action has been approved though appropriate institutional and/or governing board processes.
August 15  Actions approved between May 1 and July 30
January 15  Actions approved between Aug 1 and Dec 31

*Possible SACSCOC implication; consult with Accreditation Liaison when planning these actions.