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Staying Safe on Campus

East Tennessee State University

Emergency Notification

Purpose of the Alert Warning System
The alert warning system is intended to alert the campus community to emergencies that could affect the health & safety of personnel on the ETSU and VA Campuses. The system consists of strategically placed sirens that warn the university community in the event of an emergency, such as a severe weather event.

The most likely threat to the campus community is severe weather, but other causes may include the unlikely occurrences of an environmental hazard or other emergencies. The underlying intent for sounding the sirens, as well as the voice messages that follow, is the same in all emergencies: "Seek shelter now and obtain more information." The siren/voice message system acts in conjunction with other emergency information systems ETSU has in place.

The installation of the siren warning system is all about readiness, and it is one more step the University is taking toward ensuring that students, faculty, staff, and visitors can pursue higher education and attend special events in the safest possible environment.

About the Siren and Voice Messages
The speakers are equipped with both siren/tone and voice command capabilities. When the warning system is activated, a brief siren/tone will be transmitted, followed by voice instructions, and then a longer siren/tone.

Whenever an emergency poses a direct threat to the university community, the system will warn the campus with siren sounds  followed by an instructional message. For example, during an inclement weather event (i.e. tornado) the siren will sound followed by the following message: Attention! Life-threatening situation. A tornado has been sighted in the area. Seek shelter inside or take cover immediately. Stay away from windows and doors. These warnings will continue sounding until the coast is clear. At that point the following "all clear" message will sound: Attention! All clear. All clear. ETSU Public Safety has issued an all clear. Resume regular activities.

The siren system uses pre-recorded messages, but also may be used to directly communicate, similar to a PA type system, in order to communicate a threat not identified by the prerecorded messages. It is important to remember that the sirens will  only sound when the campus is at immediate risk. For example, the sirens will not sound every time there is a tornado warning in Washington County, but they will sound when there is a tornado warning that directly impacts ETSU. The system will not be used for anything other than immediate threats to the health & safety of the campus community.

Sign up for GoldAlert

Email and Text Messages
A mass notification system is used to provide email and text messages to members of the campus community. To receive these messages, you must provide a cell phone number or e-mail address on the GoldAlert registration website . This URL is located on ETSU's Homepage. Simply log into GoldAlert with your ETSU username and password, and fill in the requested information. Your information will never be used for anything other than emergency purposes.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire alarms will be activated to alert occupants of a fire or other emergency situation in the building. Everyone must evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds. Please familiarize yourself with the posted emergency procedures in your building.

ETSU Alert Website
Alert messages will be posted on ETSU's Alert Page . This URL is located on ETSU's Homepage. This site is used for emergency messages as well as general informational messages (i.e. scheduled power outages, roadwork, fire alarm testing, etc.).

Campus Cable TV Alert messages may also be displayed on the campus cable TV Channel. This channel is only available to on-campus locations.

WETS 89.5 FM
ETSU's Public Broadcast Station will be utilized to broadcast emergency messages.
External Media: Local media sources (i.e. TV and Radio Stations) are used, as appropriate, to broadcast emergency information about ETSU.

While University safety personnelincluding the police, environmental health and safety, and emergency response staffwill be on call and ready to respond to any emergency, each member of the ETSU community should also plan ahead to know what they must do before, during, and after an emergency to ensure their own safety and that of those around them.

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