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Disability Services

Division of Student Life and Enrollment


What financial assistance is available to me because of my disability?

Disability Services administers a tuition reduction plan for students who are totally disabled. Check out the tuition reduction fact page for more information or to see if you qualify.

Vocational Rehabilitation offers varying levels of assistance to qualifying students with disabilities. Check with your local VR office to see if you qualify.

ETSU offers two scholarships for students with disabilities. Check with Scholarship Office for further information.

Other organizations (both national and state) offer various scholarships to students with disabilities.

I have qualified for tuition reduction but my account balance is higher than expected. Why is that?

Tuition reduction covers only the tuition amount and the standard fees associated with registering for classes at ETSU. Other fees such as lab fees, departmental fees, RODP course fees, etc. will accumulate on top of the tuition reduction amount.

My son or daughter attends ETSU and is registered with your service. Can I call your office to get information about their grades, etc.?

Due to FERPA regulations we can only give out information to parents or others who have written permission from the student.

Due to my disability I may occasionally miss class. Can these absences be excused?

Disability Services has no control over course attendance requirements. Please refer to your course syllabus.

Due to my disability I may not be able to adequately perform a required assignment. Can anything be done to help me?

Disability Services considers each student concern on an individual basis. In cases where there is a legitimate need for an alternate assignment Disability Services will suggest this to the professor. The objectives of the course must still be attained and the professor has the final say as to whether the proposed alternate assignment will qualify to meet those objectives.

I was tested for my learning disability when I was in 2 nd grade. Can you use this documentation to register me for your services?

Disability Services requires that documentation related to a learning disability be no more than three years old. Documentation for a mental health disability should be dated within one year.

I received accommodations in high school with my IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). Can I have my school fax you my IEP so that I can register with your service?

Disability Services must have documentation from a professional that lists a diagnosis of a disability. If your IEP includes that documentation (e.g. a psychological evaluation or a letter of diagnosis from a medical doctor or other professional) then it can be used to register you for services.

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