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ETSU researchers and innovators blaze new trails by challenging the status quo. They go where others have not gone. Our students, staff, and faculty blaze trails because doing so is a calling. This challenging, mission-driven trailblazing improves the quality of life in our region and beyond.

Data Points



$70 Million

In Sponsored Projects Awarded


MonetaryAwards Rewarded in FY22

ribbon$22.1 Million

Federal Awards


All-Time Patent Approval Rate

research horn$23.3 Million

In Research and Development Expenditures

up-arrow67% Increase

In Research Expenditures FY20-FY22

Rural Health

Improving Education

Smart Infrastructure

Michael Meit, Director of Research and Programs for the East Tennessee State University College of Public Health’s Center for Rural Health Research aims to improve health and wellbeing for the Appalachian region and State of Tennessee.

Dr. Dawn Rowe, a professor and the Quillen Chair of Excellence performs research helping those with disabilities transition from the K-12 environment to new settings such as independent living, employment or post-secondary education.

Mohammad Khan performs research in computing and communication with goals to create a connected society where individuals can benefit from each other.

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On the Scent
ETSU Researchers exploring treatments for Loss of Smell

The smell of rain or the scent of a fresh pie baking are luxuries that not all people are able to experience.

A pair of researchers at East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine have received a grant totaling more than $1.8 million over the next five years to study how the sense of smell is maintained and how it is repaired after injury or illness.

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