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Upward Bound

TRIO Programs (TRIO)



Summer Bridge Program

During senior year in high school, Upward Bound students are provided with a number of resources to help with college preparation including:

  • Application assistance to any college
  • Researching and applying for scholarships
  • Introduction to college/university terms
  • Preparing for the personal and academic adjustment to the college environment

The summer after senior year, Upward Bound students have the opportunity to take  college classes at ETSU as part of the Bridge Program. These classes are usually general education courses that will likely transfer to other institutions. Students have the opportunity during senior year to choose between two options for their Bridge summer.

Summer Option 1

Everything will be paid for by Upward Bound. 

  • Room and board, tuition and fees, and course textbooks. 
    • Textbooks must be returned upon move out from the dorms in order to receive summer participation check.

Students will be required to attend Bridge meetings including:

  • Weekly Bridge meetings
  • Life skills seminar
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
    • SI is only required for certain courses (TBA)
    • Attendance is mandatory
    • Missing class, SI, life skills, and/or Bridge meeting could result in loss of ability to attend end of summer trip
Summer Option 2

Students will take 2 ETSU courses during Summer Term 1

  • Up to 6 semester credit hours
  • In the past, options for Bridge classes included: Theater, Argument and Debate, Sociology, and/or Psychology

Students must complete 2 different FAFSAs

  • 2019-2020 FAFSA
  • 2020-2021 FAFSA
  • Students will also be required to complete verification requirements if selected
    • Students who do no follow through with verification will be asked to participate in Option 1 only

Upward Bound will pay for some of the cost

  • Upward Bound will assume the cost for course textbooks, up to 3 semester credit hours in tuition and fees, and room and board.
  • Payment for the remaining balance will be taken from the 2019-2020 Financial Aid Award
    • If Financial Aid does not cover all od the remaining balance, Upward Bound may cover the remainder 
  • Course textbooks must be returned upon move out to receive summer participation check

Students will be required to attend Supplemental Instruction (SI), weekly Bridge meeting, and class.

  • Failure to attend class, SI, and/or meetings could result in the loss of ability to attend the end of summer trip

Please contact our office if you have any questions: 423-439-5619,


Spring 2020 Requirements (for Summer 2020 Bridge Program)

Attendance at the May14th ETSU orientation is mandatory for all students participating in the Bridge Program. You will sign up for Summer and Fall classes (if attending Fall) at this orientation. If you are not able to attend this orientation because of testing or graduation practice, please let staff know ASAP to set up an alternative registration plan.

Bridge Contract

  • All students must complete Upward Bound's Bridge Program contract which you can find here.

Immunization Requirements:

More information on ETSU's immunization requirements can be found at the following links:

You can also contact ETSU's Immunization Coordinator, Megan Flora, at 423-439-4500 or via email at

Housing Requirements:

Bridge Class Selection:

Fill out the class selection form that corresponds to the option that you have selected.

  • Option 1 form (students will take 1 ETSU class and attend a Life Skills seminar class)
  • Option 2 form (students will take 2 ETSU classes)


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