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Undergraduate Student Advisement


Banner is an administrative software system used by ETSU.  It is an integrated, web-based system for processing information on campus.  This workshop is primarily for undergraduate Advisors but may be helpful to executive aides, graduate advisors/coordinators and others who need access to student academic records. Registration is required for all workshops.  For a list of current workshops click here workshops.

Self Service Banner - this workshop will focus on the following aspects

    - Review and navigation of faculty and advisor options
    - Review of faculty information (accessing class lists, etc.)
    - How to access and understand student academic records
    - Review Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Advising 101 - A must for all new undergraduate advisors.
Workshop designed to introduce advisors to the ETSU Advising System.  The workshop will cover basic advising information:

    - General Education Requirements
    - Proficiency Intensive Requirements
    - Graduation Requirements
    - High School Deficiencies
    - Developmental Studies Program
    - Substitutions
    - Responsibilities of Students and Advisors
    - ETSU Catalog
    - ETSU Advising Resources
    - Quick referral guide to advising resources
    - How to maintain advisement records
    - Review Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Beginning Internet Native Banner (INB) Workshop
   - Learning to identify form names   
    - Learn basic INB navigation
    - Learn how to issue class permits, release advisement hold, etc.
    - Review Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

  Advanced Internet Native Banner (INB) Workshop
  - Build on skills learned in Beginning INB Workshop
    - Explore additional forms
    - Learn advanced navigation (learning to use queries, etc.)
    - Question and answer session to identify additional information
       and where to locate data in INB
    - Review Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Registration is required for all workshops.

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