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Division of Business and Finance

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email: & phone: 423-439-5320


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W-4 Forms

Online Time Reporting

The TRS Timesheets webpage contains detailed instructions for all users in the online time reporting process.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for completing and submitting time report forms.
For download and installation needs, please visit:

Request for Temporary Timekeeper

If the timekeeper does not have technical capability to enter timesheets from their home, the department can request a temporary timekeeper. To request a timekeeper, an email needs to be sent to Amanda Proffitt () with a copy to Kim Browder () from the person responsible for the departmental budget containing:

  • Name and E# of the person to be added. Example: Mitzi Douglas, E000XXXXX
  • Timekeeping location. Example: T463-Comptroller’s Office
Tax Law Change - ETSU Faculty/Staff Parking Decal

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently approved by Congress has affected the tax treatment of ETSU employee payment for their university parking decal through payroll deductions. Under the previous tax law, payroll deductions for parking decals were on a pre-tax basis for both the employee and the university meaning employees were not taxed on money used to pay for parking decals. Under the new law the pre-tax treatment for employees would become taxable to the university as a fringe benefit provided to them. It is university policy that the taxability of all fringe benefits are passed through to the employee.

Effective July 1, 2018, ETSU employee parking decal deductions will become an after-tax deduction meaning they are subject to Social Security, Medicare, and Federal withholding taxes. The actual tax increase depends on each employee’s income tax bracket and would be taxed at the employee's marginal tax rate. The estimated increase in these taxes is $0.75 to $1.45 per month depending on the employee’s tax bracket. The university will also see an increase in Social Security and Medicare tax paid on behalf of employees. All future parking decal deductions will be on an after-tax basis only.

The amount of the parking deduction will remain the same, but employees and the university will see a slight increase in taxes.

Please contact the Payroll Office at 9-5320 or with any questions.

Processing Deadlines

Requests to add or remove an employee from payroll or make pay changes must adhere to the calendar featured below in order to ensure there is sufficient time to process and submit to Payroll. The Office of Human Resources must receive the approved request on or before to the deadlines listed below. Any forms not submitted in time will be applied to the following payroll cycle. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 423-439-4457 or via email at .

Deadline Calendar 2021

Mid-Month Payroll Deadlines
All  requests for mid-month payroll must be received on or before the 3rd of the month. For example, a change to the mid-month payroll in February 2021 must be approved and received by the Office of Human Resources by February 3rd 2021.

End-of-Month Payroll Deadlines
End-of-the-month payroll follows the deadline schedule below.

 Month - 2021  Deadline
February 2/15/21
March 3/18/21
April 4/19/21
May 5/17/21
June 6/17/21
July 7/19/21
August 8/17/21
September 9/17/21
October 10/18/21
November 11/15/21
December 12/10/21
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