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Center for Advisement and Student Excellence

College of Arts & Sciences

Our Students

Strategies for success from some of our students who rocked the Fall 2015 semester:

"All I did was record every fast paced class I took and completed each study guide as I went through the class. I also studied as I went through the semester so by the time the test came I knew most of the material. I also went to class every single day so I didn't miss any material. I studied every chance I got between work and class I was always studying. But I also had to make sure I didn't over study. When you have huge study guides you have to make sure to pace yourself and don't strain the material will come with time, not cramming."

        --Submitted by a College of Arts and Sciences student

"Learning your limits and time management are the keys to success."

        --Shasta Housewright

"I realized many things in the past semester, one of those being that we, as humans, all of us, must simply do the best we can at what we do, and as college students, that is to learn; to retain as much of this education as possible and to avoid merely completing tasks to get them out of the way, as this approach to learning will result in forgetting, which then makes college an abysmal waste of time and money. My focus has shifted from doing (something great) to learning, which is my singularity of purpose, as I'm in college. I realized that a singularity of purpose may be something we must create, not obtain, and we can adjust it. Whether I like it or not, I'm paying to be here and this is a necessary component of becoming something great, if it is in my nature to do so. I've realized that college is not solely about going to class....College is also about gaining life experience.....It matters that you're getting an education, and you're taking a step in the right direction just by pursuing that."

        --Garrett Parks



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