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Appalachian Teaching Project

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Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University collaborated with The New River Conservancy to restore stream banks in the upper New River valley of Ashe County, North Carolina. The New River is a vital watershed in the region, touching 11 counties in three states. The project was designed to create a replicable model of streambank restoration that the NRC can use with additional schools and community partners throughout the 320-mile-long New River Valley.  The project employed a combination of volunteer labor and local knowledge to increase the capacity of the community partners to improve water quality. Students met with community partners to develop a shared overview of the project and select a site for streambank restoration. Students then worked to develop a site-specific streambank restoration plan that integrated theories of cultural and environmental sustainability. After presenting the plan to community partners, students incorporated community feedback and worked onsite to execute their plan. This project was intended to help build the capacity of the community partners to efficiently utilize limited resources to sustain the rural economy and environment of Ashe County.


2018 ATP Proposal

ASU's Live Presentation in Washington, DC

2018 Final Report 

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William R. Schumann, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Appalachian Studies 
Appalachian State University 
ASU Box 32018 
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