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Auburn University

Building on the relationship established with Tuskegee Public School (TPS) during the 2017-18 project cycle, Auburn University 2018 ATP students mentored sixth-graders in the skill and process of interviewing military veterans and producing digital content as part of the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project.  The Veterans Oral History Project provides volunteers an opportunity to collect oral history interviews that are added to a national collection and made available to the public via the Internet.  In addition to the skills developed for interviewing and producing audio files and a website, the project provided a leadership opportunity for the sixth-graders as they developed cultural resources from their community. One significant plan for expansion of the project from last year included developing existing and future interviews as social studies classroom lessons. Students developed worksheets for each interview and tested them with TPS students. The project was also designed to increase the connections between the community and its veterans and to establish a repository of veteran interviews that will raise the profile of Macon County as a place where hardworking, successful, committed individuals live, work, and play, since we know that community perception is a critical element in community development.


2018 ATP Proposal

Auburn's Live Presentation in Washington, DC

2018 Final Report



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