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Department of History

College of Arts & Sciences

Thank you for your interest in the History Department at East Tennessee State University. The following information is aimed at assisting those students interested in pursuing History as a minor area of study.

Requirements for History Minor

Elephant Fight, from Pelham Richardson Publishers, c. 1850.  Public Domain Image.A minor in history requires the completion of a minimum of 21 semester hours of study, including the following:

HIST 1110 and 1120: World Civilization 6 hours

Five classes at the 3000-level

Of the 15 hours taken at the 3000 level, at least three hours must be taken in each of the general areas of U.S., European, and World History.


Transfer Students

St. Nikolas icon from the Lipnya Church of St. Nicholas in Novgorod.  Public domain image.Transfer students must meet the specific requirements for the history major or minor.

Regardless of the number of credits in history which they transfer, they must take a minimum of two 3000-level courses and three 4000-level courses for the major or one 3000-level course and two 4000-level courses for the minor.

Transfer students must maintain a minimum average of "C" in courses taken in the department.

Declaring a Minor in History

Prohibition Era Government Prescription form for Medicinal Liquor.  Public Domain Image.

To declare a minor in History, please schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisors, Dr. Doug Burgess or Melanie Storie.


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