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Classical Studies Minor

Department of Literature and Language


Dr. Thomas Crofts:

Associate Professor of English
Director of Classical Studies Minor

BA, 1990, Bard College
MPhil, 1992, Trinity College, Dublin
MA, 1997, and PhD, 2003, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Areas of Specialization: Medieval Literature, Latin, Anglo-Irish Literature

Dr. Mark Holland:

Professor of English

BA, 1972, Heidelberg College
MA, 1977, and PhD,
1984, Miami University

Areas of Specialization: American Literature, Mythology

Dr. Keith Green:

BA, 1980, Saint Olaf College
Mdiv, 1984, Yale University
PhD Brown University

Area of Specialization: Religious studies, Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, and other courses in religious ethics, philosophy of religion, and women and gender in 'western' religious thought.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold:

PhD, 1978, Ohio State University

Area of Specialization: Plato, Ancient Greek Philosophy

Dr. William Burgess:

A.A., 1970, Florida College
B.S., 1972, University of South Florida
M.A., 1975, University of South Florida
Ph.D., 1985, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Area of Specialization: Greek History, Roman History, Medieval History, Classical Literature, Ancient and Medieval Christianity, Buddhism, Ancient Religions

Dr. Peter Pawlowicz:

PhD, Northwestern University

Area of Specialization: Art History, Classical Art and Languages, the Enlightenment, Baroque Art, 19th Century Art








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