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Classical Studies Minor

Department of Literature and Language


Dr. Thomas H. Crofts:

Director, Minor in Classical Studies

BA, 1990, Bard College
MPhil, 1992, Trinity College, Dublin
MA, 1997, University of Wisconsin, Madison
PhD, 2003, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Areas of Specialization: Medieval Literature, Ancient Greek, Medieval Latin, Anglo-Irish Literature

Dr. Keith Green:

Philosophy, Religious Studies

BA, 1980, Saint Olaf College
Mdiv, 1984, Yale University
PhD Brown University

Area of Specialization: Religious studies, Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, and other courses in religious ethics, philosophy of religion, and women and gender in 'western' religious thought.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold:


BA, 1973, University of Wisconsin, Madison
MA, 1975, Ohio State University
PhD, 1978, Ohio State University

Area of Specialization: Plato, Ancient Greek Philosophy

Dr. William Burgess:

Department of History Chair

AA, 1970, Florida College
BS, 1972, University of South Florida
MA, 1975, University of South Florida
PhD, 1985, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Area of Specialization: Greek History, Roman History, Medieval History, Classical Literature, Ancient and Medieval Christianity, Buddhism, Ancient Religions

 Dr. Michael Anthony Fowler:

Assistant Professor
Art History
Art and Design

BA, 2006, The Colorado College
MTS, 2008, Harvard University
MA, 2010, Tufts University
MA, 2012, Columbia University
MPhil, 2013, Columbia University
PhD, 2019, Columbia University

Area of Specialization: Classical art and archeology, Near Eastern art and archeology, material religion





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