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Department of Literature and Language


To complete the English Honors-in-Discipline Program, students must take all of the following courses:

  • Honors Composition (ENGL 1028 or 3130-088)--offered every semester; students also participating in the University Honors Scholars Program may meet this requirement by completing ENGL/PHIL 1228
  • Honors Literature Survey (ENGL 2138, 2238, 2338, or 2438)-- one of the four is offered every semester on a rotating basis
  • Honors Focus (ENGL 3118)-- offered every fall semester
  • Honors Special Topics (ENGL 3128)-- offered every spring semester
  • Honors Shakespeare (ENGL 4008)-- offered every fall semester
  • Honors Thesis (ENGL 4018)

Survey Courses are offered in American, British, European, and World Literature.

Focus and Topics courses vary from year to year. Recent course topics include "Kenyan Women Writers," "The Soul of Mother Russia," and "The Slave Narrative."

All English Honors courses earn transcript recognition.

Several of the honors courses fulfill general education requirements; Honors composition courses fulfill the Written Composition requirement and the Honors Literature Surveys fulfill the Literature requirement in Humanities and Fine Arts.

To remain in good standing in the program, a student must maintain a 3.3 average in all English courses. HID students must also maintain a minimum overall GPA based on the number of hours they have completed.

  • Up to 30 hours, the minimum overall GPA is 2.75.
  • For 31-45 hours, it is a 3.00.
  • For 46-60 hours, a student must maintain a 3.15 overall.
  • For students with over 61 hours, the minimum GPA is 3.25.
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