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Computation and Research in Data Science

East Tennessee State University


Bennett, Brian  Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Computing

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-5717

Research Interests:

I have used data mining techniques (specifically k-Means Clustering and Dimension Reduction) to perform analysis of compiled Java code. In the future, I hope to apply these techniques to source code repositories (e.g., git) to find trends resulting from programming different types of software systems.


Depelteau, Audrey  Director of the ETSU Department of Innovation Lab

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 439-8535

Research Interests:

I'm interested in developing a co-working space at the Innovation Lab for Data Analytics.


Fisher, Stacey Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Curriculum and Instruction

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 762-6307

Research Interests:

Stacey Fisher lives in Morristown, TN and is an assistant professor at East Tennessee State University. Dr. Fisher teaches on-ground and online Literacy courses, is cohort student advisor, and Co-Coordinator for ETSU at WSCC and ETSU - Sevier Center for the K-6 education program. She completed her Ph.D. of Exceptional Learning in Literacy at Tennessee Technological University and spent nine years in public schools. Her research interests focus on family literacy, social media, and photo voice.


Glenn, Lee Professor, ETSU Department of Nursing

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4871

Research Interests:

Measurement theory and mathematical modeling in biomedical sciences


Godbole, Anant  Director, ETSU Department of Center of Excellence in Math and Science Education

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-534-6209

Research Interests:

Combinatorics and Probability.  Others, e.g. students, do all the computation that arises.  I am a computational infant


Khan, Mohammad S.Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Computing

email:   |   phone:  423-439-5808

Research Interests:

Ad-hoc networks, network tomography, connected vehicles, vehicular social networks


Kirkby, Scott Associate Professor, ETSU Department of Chemistry

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-5823

Research Interests:

Ab initio and semi-empirical quantum chemistry calculations of spin traps, dirhodium complexes, inorganic clusters and glucans. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy.


Knisley, Debra Professor and Director of the CaRDS Institute, ETSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-6975

Research Interests:

My research lies at the interface of applied graph theory and computational molecular biology. I apply graph-theoretic modeling of biomolecular structures, protein molecules in particular, to quantify and thereby characterize the structural aspects of the molecule that may identify its functional properties. Increasingly, I rely on the tools being developed by data scientists in the arena of graph analytics.


Knisley, Jeff  Professor, ETSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4349

Research Interests:

I am an applied mathematician whose research is in computational neuroscience, and in particular, in neural networks, deep learning, machine learning, numerical methods, convex optimization, semi-classical methods


Kozinetz, Claudia Professor and Chair, ETSU Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4449

Research Interests:

Application of epidemiologic methods/maternal and child health/


Lewis, Nicole Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 439-7065

Research Interests:

Proteomics, applied statistics, statistical education, health sciences.


Marsh, Amanda Marketing and Communications Coordinator, ETSU Department of Family Medicine

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-6422

Research Interests:

I am currently enrolled in the Digital Marketing Master's Program at ETSU, so have become very interested in data collection. In the Department of Family Medicine we are actively involved in data mining from both an educational and clinical perspective.


Mullersman, Jerald  Professor, ETSU Department of Pathology

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-7029

Research Interests:

I have experience in bioinformatics and genetic epidemiology.  I also have some recent experience with pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacogenomics.


 Ozodiegwu, Ifeoma  Graduate Assistant, Department of Statistics and Epidemiology

e-mail:  | phone: 423-773-1809

Research Interests:

Systematic reviews in public health specifically on issues of obesity and
developing and testing technologies that help to speed up the systematic review process.


Patton, Charles  Executive Aide, ETSU Department of Environmental Health

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 439-5243

Research Interests:

Key administrative assistant for the Department of Environmental Health  and  interested in the role of the institute with respect to Public Health.


Pittarese, Tony  Chair and Associate Professor, ETSU Department of Computing

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-6951

Research Interests:

Enterprise Systems, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence


Quinn, Megan Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4427

Research Interests:

Broadly, global health and health disparities with a specific focus on childhood trauma and its role in risk behaviors (risky sexual and substance use behaviors) that increase infectious disease risk. Additionally, using applied epidemiologic methods for community based research in underserved populations.


Schneider, Kent  Professor, ETSU Department of Accountancy

e-mail:  |   phone:  439-4432

Research Interests:

Legal research in the area of U.S. federal income taxation


Small, Michael  Professor, ETSU Department of Management

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 930-5167

Research Interests:

Advanced manufacturing technology, supply chain management.


Uddin, Mohammad Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Engineering Technology

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4164

Research Interests:

Construction Quality Assurance Data Analysis, Building Information Modeling, Building Energy Modeling


Walden, Rachel Associate Dean/Associate Professor and Medical Library Director, ETSU Department of Learning Resources

e-mail:  |   phone:  (423) 439-6355

Research Interests:

Research in medical information, especially with regard to patient advocacy/experience, such as evidence-based medicine, health literacy, and medical library utilization.


Waters, Susan Assistant professor for one more year, ETSU Department of Mass Communication

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-7912

Research Interests:

Social Media, Public Relations, and service-learning.  I have many publications already, having come from Auburn, which is a research university.


Yampolsky, Lev Professor, ETSU Department of Biological sciecnes

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4359

Research Interests:

Evolutionary genomics


Zheng, Shimin Assistant Professor, ETSU Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

e-mail:  |   phone:  423-439-4327

Research Interests:

I have 30+ publications on statistical theory, cancer, blood pressure, depression, substance abuse and others. I have many years of experience in conducting biostatistical, medical, and epidemiologic studies, analysis of complex data, reporting in high impact biostatistical and medical journals, planning, developing and managing research studies, supervising students, and teaching biostatistics to graduate students and public health professionals.


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