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Computation and Research in Data Science

East Tennessee State University


Spring 2018

Title of Talk
Bjarne Berg 
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Emerging Data Visualization Trends, Challenges and Technology
January 24 at 11:30 in Room 320 of Nicks Hall
Michele Joyner
ETSU Department of Mathematics
Using Predictive Modeling to Examine of Potential Implications ofUsing Ranked Choice Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election
February 9 at 2:45 in Room 304 of Gilbreath Hall
Jeff Knisley
ETSU Department of Mathematics
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science: The Mathematics of How They are Different
February 23 at 2:45 in Room 304 of Gilbreath Hall

Heather Shappell



 Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics


Methods for Longitudinal Complex Network Analysis in Neuroscience



April 6  at 2.45 in Room 314 of Gilbreath Hall


Fall 2017

Title of talk
Jason Carter
Mountain States Health Association
Analytics at MSHA

September 11 at 2:00

Room 105, Gilbreath Hall

 Robyn Ward
 Veterans Admin./ Mountain Home

 Finding correlation within  deviating medical  treatments

 September 29 at 3:30

Room 105, Gilbreath Hall

 Bjarne Berg
 Lenoir-Rhyne University

October 16 at 11:30 

Rescheduled !

 Robert Beeler


Jennifer Priestly

 Mathematics & Statistics ETSU 


 Data Analytics Program

Kennesaw State

 e, the younger and less popular cousin of π


  Data Science - an Overview of the Emerging Academic Discipline


 November 10 at 4:00

Room 225         Nicks Hall

 November 29 at 11:30

Room 120    Nicks Hall


SPRING 2017 

Title of talk

Dr. Melissa Bowers

Department of Business Analytics and Statistics

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

February 17 at 3:15 pm

Nicks Hall, Room 225

Dr. Marietta Cameron

Department of Computer Science

University of North Carolina, Asheville

March 15 at 11:30 am

Nicks Hall, Room 110 

Dr. JeanMarie Hendrickson

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

East Tenn State University

April 7th  at

3:15 pm

Gilbreath Hall, Room 105

Dr. Mohammad Hoque

Department of Computing

East Tenn State University

April 21

Gilbreath Hall,

Room 106 


FALL 2016

Dr. Jeff Pittges

Radford University, Dept. of Computer Science

Sept. 20th Room 110, Nicks Hall at 3:15

Dr. Jeff Knisley

ETSU, Dept. of Math and Statistics

October 17, Room 205, Gilbreath Hall at 3:15

Dr. Baptiste Lebreton

Eastman Chemical Company

November 7, Room 205, Gilbreath Hall at 3:15

Dr. JeanMarie Hendrickson

ETSU, Dept of Math and Statistics

Methods for Clustering Mixed Data (RESCHEDULED)

November 21, Room 205, Gilbreath Hall at 3:15

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