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Political Science, International Affairs & Public Administration

College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Course Listing:

Department of Political Science

PSCI 1000. Academic Advantage (2 hours) This course helps the first-year student make the transition to the university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and enhance essential academic skills. This course provides a support group for students in a critical transitional year by examining problems and issues common to the first year of college. Elective credit only; does not apply toward the major or minor requirements.

PSCI 1110. Political Life (3 hours) An encounter through reading, writing, discussion and other class experiences with the phenomena of political life. Students will be encouraged to confront the orientations, expectations, and action patterns characteristic of situation when human beings attempt to resolve the tension between human needs and social facts.

PSCI 1120 Introduction to American Government (3 hours) A survey of American government focusing on the United States Constitution, American political culture and political processes.

PSCI 2210 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 hours) An introduction to the comparative study of politics, employing a conceptual, or thematic approach. The politics of selected countries will be examined, focusing on major features such as governmental institutions, political culture, and public policy. (CP)

PSCI 2220 Introduction to World Politics (3 hours) An introduction to the major concepts and themes in the study of international politics designed to provide students with analytical tools for understanding problems and issues in international security, organization, and political economy. (IR)

PSCI 2610 Introduction to Public Administration (3 hours) Introduction to contemporary topics in public administration: defining the field, operations of the federal administration theories of public management, budgeting and staffing. (PA)

PSCI 2989-99 Cooperative Education (1-3 hours)

PSCI 3000 Peace, Security, and Development (3 hours) A global policy analysis of issues and events which affect the peace, security, and development of human beings in the world community (IR )

PSCI 3010 Chinese Politics (3 hours) An introduction to the politics of China and the role of politics in Chinese history, culture, and economy. (CP)

PSCI 3030 American Political Parties (3 hours) A study of the development of political awareness in the U.S. through popular participation in politics and American political parties. The course emphasizes the utilization of political resources, nominations, campaigning, predicting, and analyzing the results and consequences of election law. (AP)

PSCI 3050 Interest Groups in American Politics (3 hours) An examination of the role and influence of interest groups in American politics and government, with special attention to corporate business and organized labor. This course considers the implications of interest group politics for the distribution of power and for the shape of public policy in the United States. (AP)

PSCI 3060 Southern Politics (3 hours) An introduction to regional political activity and its impact on the national political system as illustrated by the 11-state Southeast. An in-depth study of the distinctive political system of the region, and the effects of movements such as succession and one-party control, Black voting, and the changes in the socio-economic composition of the area. (AP)

PSCI 3070 Politics and Film (3 hours). An investigation of motion pictures as a mass medium. It is concerned with the political images, and stories in the movies, as well as the politics surrounding movie production and distribution. (AP)

PSCI 3130 American Political Thought (3 hours) An examination of various themes in American political thought using the writings of contemporary thinkers as well as sources drawn from the past. (PT)

PSCI 3200 Law and Judicial Process (3 hours) An overview of the political and philosophical principles underlying the American legal system. Strongly recommended prior to further work in law and judicial process. (PL)

PSCI 3205 Constitution and Civil Liberties (3 hours) A focus on the First, Second, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments as these have been utilized to expand and protect personal rights and liberties, including participation in the political process. The case method will be used. (PL)

PSCI 3210 Due Process and Adjudication (3 hours).A study of the liberties guaranteed in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments as developed and interpreted by court decisions. The case method will be used. (PL)

PSCI 3220 The Supreme Court (3 hours) An analysis of the role of the Supreme Court of the United States in the governmental process, its role regarding the separation of powers and federalism, public policy, and limits on judicial power. The case method is sometimes used. (PL)

PSCI 3230 American Constitutional Law (3 hours) An analysis of the manner in which the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, has been expanded and developed to meet changing conditions within the polity by the judicial decision-making process. The case method will be used. (formerly PSCI 4217) (PL)

PSCI 3310 International Relations (3 hours) An introduction to the study of the relations between states, politics, diplomacy, international law, and organization; an analysis of the theory and practice of international relations. (IR)

PSCI 3350 International Political Economy (3 hours) A study of the politics of international economic relations, including globalization, international trade, development, foreign direct investment, and aid. (IR)

PSCI 3440 Research Methods (3 hours) This course is an introduction to quantitative/statistical research methods in the field of political science and related disciplines. The course will survey the methods of empirical political inquiry within a general framework of data sampling, analysis, interpretation, statistical modeling and more. This is a technology-intensive course in which students will learn the practical applications of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software.

PSCI 3500 President and Congress (3 hours) An examination of the constitutional foundations, historical development, institutional structure, and politics of the President and the Congress, with emphasis on the relationship between the President and Congress in national policy-making. (AP)

PSCI 3710 State and Local Governments (3 hours) The structure and functions of the 50 state governments and local governments in the United States and the role of these governments in the American federal system. Special references to the government of Tennessee. (AP)

PSCI 3750 International Law and Organization (3 hours) An examination of the role of law and international organizations in world affairs, with special emphasis on the United Nations. Topics include collective security, peacekeeping, human rights, north-south politics, and regional organizations. (IR)

PSCI 3800 European Politics (3 hours) A survey of the governmental institutions, the political processes, and the cultures of the European state. (CP)

PSCI 3830 Government and Politics of Latin America (3 hours). Broadly concerned with basic political, cultural and economic characteristics of various Latin American political systems. (CP)

PSCI 3850 Politics of the Middle East (3 hours). This course is an introduction to politics in the Middle East which will survey the historical foundations, but primarily focus on contemporary political issues surrounding the Arab world (Arab peninsula and North Africa), Iran, Turkey and Israel. (CP)

PSCI 3870 Government and Politics of South Asia (3 hours). An examination of the government, political organizations, party structure, politics, and culture of the subcontinent. (CP)

PSCI 3900 Government and Politics of Russia and East Europe (3 hours). This course introduces students to political culture, institutions, political and economic transitions, and current domestic and foreign policies in contemporary Russia and East Europe. The course specifically examines the countries of Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and the former Yugoslavia. (CP)

PSCI 4018 Honors Thesis (3-6 hours) Open to those in the University Honors Program only. A capstone experience serving as the culmination of an honors curriculum.

PSCI 4020 Urban Politics (3 hours) A study of the politics of urban and metropolitan government, including: reformism, bossism, political cleavages, the role of blacks and other groups in the local political system, and procedures and problems related to local policy-making. (AP)

PSCI 4030 Black American Political Thought (3 hours)Prerequisite: PSCI 1120. The course exposes students to major political philosophies of the Black American experience and introduces students to the Black community's desire for social equality through social/political action. (PT)

PSCI 4100 Classical Political Philosophy (3 hours) An examination of the classical tradition in political thought with emphasis on reading the works of Plato and Aristotle as well as those of later representatives of this tradition. (PT)

PSCI 4120 Modern Political Philosophy (3 hours) An examination of modern political thought with emphasis on the Social Contract theories of Hobbes, Locke, and Rosseau and the utilitarianism of Bentham, Mill, and others. (PT)

PSCI 4160 Idea of the City (3 hours) An examination of the meaning and significance the city has had in human history and a consideration of its potential as a meaningful social and political force of the future. (PT)

PSCI 4300 International Politics (3 hours) An analysis of the major forces and trends of the political relationships between states; the historical development of international politics, the pattern of contemporary international politics, and the future of international politics; special problems and prospects for the United States. (IR)

PSCI 4330 American Foreign Policy (3 hours). An analysis of the development of American foreign policies and practices with emphasis on recent development and current trends. (IR)

PSCI 4450 Appalachian Politics (3 hours). An examination of the political, economic, and social structures of power characteristic of the Appalachian region, and the relationship between these and the larger American context. Offered only in the Pre-Summer session. (AP)

PSCI 4730 American Public Policy (3 hours). A study of the roles of Congress, the Presidency, and the bureaucracy in national policy-making. (AP)

PSCI 4820 Politics of Development and Change (3 hours). An examination of various notions of political development, modernization and change, with emphasis on those processes within the countries of the Third World. (CP)

PSCI 4900-10 Independent Study and Research (1-3, 1-3 hours). By permission of the department only.

PSCI 4920 Legislative Internship (12 hours). By permission of the department only.

PSCI 4921 Legislative Internship Research (3 hours) By permission of the department only. Pass/Fail only. Does not fulfill major or minor requirements.

PSCI 4940-41 Paralegal Internship (1-3 hours). By permission of the department only. (AP)

PSCI 4950 Senior Seminar (1-3 hours) Study and research in public policy.

PSCI 4957/5957 Special Topics in Political Science (1-6 hours)


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