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Department of Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty in the Department of Psychology at ETSU are engaged in a wide range of active research programs in all of our graduate training areas. In behavioral neuroscience, our faculty is evaluating animal models of psychopathology and recovery of brain function after brain injury. Within the context of rural mental health, our clinical psychology faculty focuses on a range of adult and child psychopathology (e.g., addictive behaviors and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other important health behaviors (e.g., traffic safety and ultraviolet light exposure), assessment and treatment of violence in marital and dating relationships, suicide and reasons for living, and psychological measurement, assessment, and test development. We are searching for a new cognitive faculty member currently, and it is expected the person selected will continue their program of research upon arrival. In developmental psychology, faculty are researching the effects of temperament on language acquisition in infants and the influence of prenatal stress and stress buffers such as religiosity on physiology and behavior. Current research by social faculty includes such topics as the physiological/biological, behavioral, and affective reactions to social rejection and the stigma and identity consequences of intimate partner violence and trauma

The labs listed below are currently pursuing a variety of interesting and diverse research topics. Click on the links to learn more about the work our faculty and students are doing.

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory
Dr. Brown; 116 Brown Hall; 439-5694

Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory
Dr. Sellers 416 Rogers-Stout Hall; 439-4476

Infant Visual Cognition Lab
Dr. Shannon Ross-Sheehy; 423 Rogers-Stout Hall; 439-4847

Laboratory of Rural Psychological and Physical Health
Dr. Hirsch, 424 Rogers-Stout, 439-4463

Laboratory for the Study of Suicide and Reasons for Living
Dr. Ellis; 405 Rogers-Stout, 439-6658

Program for the Study of Infancy
Drs. Dixon & Clements; 214 Memorial Center; 439-4034

Research Group on Children's Behavioral Health in Rural Primary Care
Dr. Polaha, 329-A Rogers-Stout Hall, 439-4612

Self & Relationships Laboratory
Dr. Blackhart; 234 COM, 439-4613

Social Issues and Relations Laboratory
Dr. Williams, 228 Rogers-Stout, 439-6693

Spirituality and Health Related Psychological Studies
Dr. Webb; 329-B Rogers-Stout Hall, 439-4466

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