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Interior Architecture

Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying

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Interior Architecture graduates are prepared for practice in the design profession regionally, nationally, and internationally by the enrichment of their professional and personal lives. A four-year curriculum is organized around yearly conceptual frameworks.

Year 1: Design as Spatial Literacy

During the first year you will learn about the fundamentals of design and how multiple visual communication techniques can be used to illustrate design intent. Ergonomics, color theories, the elements/principles of design and anthropomorphic will be applied to a wide variety of projects.

Year 2: Design as Process

The importance of understanding human behavior and the design process to a successful design solution is the focus of the second year. Studios help students apply new computer skills, construction fundamentals, and interior materials. Your summer can be spent studying in Italy.

Year 3: Design as Profession

Third year courses focus on medical design and starting the transition into becoming a design professional. Evidenced based design and technical skills are balanced with professional practices to prepare students to succeed in their upcoming summer internships.

Year 4: Design as Social Responsibility

The fourth year focuses on using your newly acquired design knowledge to solve a social issue. Students work one-on-one with professionals to research, present design solutions, and prepare construction documents to a variety of interested parties.

To graduate with a degree in Interior Architecture a student must complete a total of 120 hours. 

IARC Matriculation Chart

IARC Matriculation w/o  Studio Rome

The program curriculum, structured to meet accreditation standards, then provides a broad-based design education where sustainability practices, creativity development, and varied learning environments are infused across the entire 4-year experience. Regional travel study tours, international travel opportunities, and service learning experiences expose students to a wide range of career building and professional mentoring opportunities.

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