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Department of Economics and Finance

College of Business and Technology

Students of Finance Association

SOFA is the student organization for all finance students and all students who are interested in finance.

  •   Assist in the professional educational and social development of college students interested in Finance and related fields.
  •   Provide an association for college students actively interested in Finance.
  •   Encourage interaction between business executives, faculty, and students of business and Finance.

Membership Requirements:

  •   Interest in Finance Field*
  •   Minimum GPA:  2.5**
  •   Attendance to at least 50% of speaker events

Membership Fee: 

$20 a semester which includes Chapter Dues used to compensate our professional speakers with local gift cards, a SOFA T-shirt, and any additional usage of money voted on by members. (Due at the first meeting)       

What We Do:

  1. Professional Events minimum of two per semester (Notice will be given at least one week before event to all members and nonmembers) This is where we invite a member of the local business community to come and speak to the organization about their job, how they got there, any advice, as well as any internship/jobs available in the future at their company.  These are required events for members, open to nonmembers, and dress code is business casual.
  2. Social Events - Gathering of members to network among each other. These can be dinner after a meeting; bowling, etc. basically any separate fun activities outside of school. These are optional events for members.
  3. Volunteering Local events chosen by officers and participation voted on by members. An example of this would be adopting an Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree during the winter, or volunteering of time by members willing to tutor other business students.

*Sincere interest:  Finance major or minor (or by completing/currently enrolled in 6 hours of Finance courses)
**Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in Finance Courses.

To join contact       

SOFA also has an FMAHonor Society for those students who excel in finance.  The requirements are:    

Undergraduate Students:

  •  3.25 GPA in finance and finance-related coursework
  •  Completion of nine (9) hours of finance courses
  •  A declared major or minor finance
  •  Junior or Senior class standing

Graduate (MBA) Students:

  •  3.50 Overall GPA
  •  3.50 GPA in finance and finance-related coursework
  •  Completion of one-half of required coursework
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