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Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance

Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning & Development


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TECTA Orientation

Eighteen early childhood educators participated in the Center-Based Orientation held at ETSU Kingsport.

“I enjoyed this Orientation. I would like to say thanks for incorporating HOW to use techniques.”

“Absolutely loved this class. The discussions and learning about what goes on in other classrooms interests me so much. Looked  forward to coming to this class every week.”

“The TECTA Orientation was very informative and fun. I would recommend it to my co-workers.”

“I really enjoyed this Orientation class! It really improved my skills when working with children. I can’t wait to keep going!!”



TECTA Tuition Support

“Are you interested in starting on your academic journey in Early Childhood? Are you ready to go back and finish your degree? TECTA has funds available to support your academic journey. We can provide tuition support to any student seeking a degree in Early Childhood or a closely related field. Support for up to 2 classes for Spring semester is available for any student at Northeast State or Walters State. TECTA tuition support can cover most of your tuition expenses- you might only pay $50 per class! Plus we have textbooks for ECED classes ready to check out to you! If you are interested in pursuing a CDA Credential or Technical Certificate, contact us today! Don’t let these tuition funds pass you by!” More info at Tuition Assistance.



TECTA students

Abigail Williams, Brooke Bowman, Tiffany Fry

Three TECTA supported students that are taking classes at Walters State Community College met one evening this week to work on their CDA (Child Development Associate Credential) portfolio.

The students spent time articulating their strategies for establishing and maintaining safe, healthy learning environments for young children.


Upcoming Events In 2019


Online Trainings

Tennessee Child Care Online Training System


Week of the Young Child
April 8-12, 2019

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