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The Human Services Program at East Tennessee State University seeks to educate human service professionals who are self-reflective practitioners, competent care-givers, and community leaders. To that end we offer a B. S. in Human Services, two minors complementary to a variety of majors: Human Development and Learning and Family Studies, and general education courses: Understanding Cultural Diversity and Introduction to Service Learning. The curriculum is designed to help students develop the self-awareness, knowledge, and culturally relevant skills necessary to work with a diverse clientele in a variety of settings and situations. The Human Services Program curriculum emphasizes the development of human services professionals who will be responsive to contemporary needs. Please see our program description, philosophy, and mission.
The faculty that directs the Human Services program has created a program that honors an interdisciplinary focus as well as a grounding in human development and promoting wellness. The core requirements include courses in theories, research, and methods fundamental to helping others including work with diverse populations. Direct experience in the field is offered throughout the program including practicum and internship courses designed to integrate learning with real-world experience. These opportunities lead directly to professional training and employment. The remaining degree requirements are met by choosing from guided electives and a minor that complements the interests of the students and the core curriculum. Note that with specific elective courses and internship placement, the B. S. in Human Services leads to the academic preparation for Child Life Specialists.  The Child Life Specialist focuses on assisting children (toddlers through adolescents) and their families to encourage optimum development of children facing challenging experiences particularly related to healthcare and hospitalization.

Interested in the Human Services field but want to know more? Check out our page What is Human Services?

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Did you know that the Human Services faculty members have the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP) credential? Check out the recent edition of the CCE Connection for information on credentialing including an article on "The Day in the Life of an HS-BCP" on page 11.

 Are you a Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP) at the associate or bachelor's level? If so, you may be eligible for scholarship to pursue your B.S. degree in Human Services or your Master's degree in Counseling through the National Board of Certified Counselors Foundation. See for more information!

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