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Special Education Program

Educational Foundations & Special Education

Special Education

Welcome to our Degree Programs

  • Picture of Special Education Program Faculty Fall 2016

    Special Education Faculty

  • Grads 2017

  • Yellow Sign Inspiration

  • Andrew defending his thesis entitled: "The effect of an iPad application with systematic instruction on ELA related skills for high school students with significant disabilities"

    Andrew Baxter Giving Thesis Defense

  • Andrew celebrating with mentor, Dr. Pamela Mims!

    Success for Andrew Baxter!

  • Mollie Bellows wins a the Graduate Honors Awards Ceremony!

    Mollie Bellows, recent graduate in Special Education

  • Jordan King wins at the Graduate Honors Awards Ceremony!

    Jordan King, current graduate in Special Education

  • Dr. Lori Marks and Willa van Dijk at the American Council for Rural Special Education Conference (ACRES) in Tucson, AZ

    Dr. Lori Marks and Willa van Dijk

  • Dr. Lori Marks and Willa van Dijk at the American Council for Rural Special Education Conference in Tucson, AZ, taking a break for yoga! Stretch!!!!

    Break for Yoga!

  • Willa van Dijk taking a Yoga break at graduation!

    Fun at Graduation!

  • Taylor Parish working the booth at Carolyn's Cart

    Working at Carolyn's Cart

  • Students enjoying Dr. Nyarambi's African dance and drumming.

    African dance at ETSU

  • Special Education teacher graduates celebrating!

    Celebrating Graduation!

The Special Education Program offers undergraduate and graduate programs that meet teacher licensure requirements in the state of Tennessee. A non-licensure track is also available to graduate level students who want to work in areas of developmental disabilities and related human services positions that do not require a teaching license (please see our Advance Studies program). At the undergraduate level the course of study earns a Bachelor of Science in Special Education. Successful completion of the graduate program earns a Master of Education in Special Education. Prospective students may get information about teacher licensure and non-licensure programs by clicking on the buttons to the left. 

Deadlines for Fall 2017 -Spring 2018 year:

Special Education Admission Boards interview dates and Application dates

Applications due:

  • December 1, 2017

Special Education Admission Boards are:

  • TBA


Portfolio Reviews:

Due Friday, December 1st, 2017, Review from 9:00 to noon, drop off in Warf-Pickel, 415
Comprehensive Exams: Information Session to be held on 9/22/17 in room 415 at 4:00. The exams will be held on 10/20/17 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in room 415. Click for flyer
















Contact Dr. Tina Hudson ator more information concerning the Admission Boards interview and application dates.


** Early Childhood goes online.  For more information about this program contact Dr. Cathy Galyon 


**  New Cohorts being created!  Information on course rotation is posted. More information added as soon as it is available. For more information on this, contact Ms. Kathy Greer at 

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