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Department of Environmental Health

College of Public Health

Graduate Students

Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental Health


The Master of Public Health program offers a competency-based approach to professional preparation for public health practice in any of five areas Biostatistics, Community Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, and Public Health Administration. Each concentration provides students with the requisite skills to work in the respective area.

Environmental Health prepares specialists who understand the interrelationships between chemical, biological, and physical factors in the environment, and social and organizational factors in the human community.  Students will become proficient in the assessment of community environmental health needs by collecting, analyzing, and reporting appropriate data, and will develop expertise in investigating, monitoring, and managing environmental problems that may have an impact on the public's health.

Master of Science in Environmental Health (MSEH)

The Master of Science in Environmental Health will not be accepting new students for the foreseeable future.


The goal of this degree program is to prepare environmental specialists by increasing understanding of interrelationships between environmental factors and human health. Environmental health service needs are complex and increasing because of changes brought about by economic and technological advances. Technical specialists in environmental health require a comprehensive education in basic and applied sciences. The educational objectives of the program are to provide the student with an opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of the:
    • chemical, biological, physical, and social factors which affect the health of the community;
    • relevant concepts from the social and behavioral sciences; and
    • environmental health systems.
  • Become proficient in:
    • identifying community environmental health needs;
    • information collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination; and
    • environmental monitoring, analysis, and management.
  • Acquire skills in the application of the above techniques and knowledge for solution of environmental health problems.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Environmental Health Sciences

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Environmental Health will not be accepting new students for the foreseeable future.


The purpose of the Environmental Health Sciences Ph.D. Program is to promote the environmental health sciences, and identify, prevent, and manage disease and injury. This purpose will be fulfilled through dedication to higher (doctoral level) education and training, distinction in research, innovation in policy development, and improvement of health strategies. The doctoral program will prepare professionals in the environmental health sciences to:

  • Reduce the burden of environmentally associated diseases by defining:
    • how environmental exposures affect human health;
    • how individuals differ in their susceptibility to these exposures; and
    • how these susceptibilities change over the life span.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies and programs for the maintenance of health and the prevention and management of disease and injury.
  • Serve as faculty and instructors for academic programs in environmental health.
  • Develop effective environmental health policies.
  • Design and conduct quality research that contributes to improvements in environmental health.
  • Collaborate and work with communities for the promotion of health and the prevention and control of disease.
  • Meet the increasing need for trained professionals in environmental health, including those who can analyze and address environmental health issues.
  • Investigate environmental conditions that may affect a community's health status, and provide technical assistance and leadership to address the concerns of communities.
  • Provide skills and knowledge in the public health core area of environmental health.

Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Kurt Maier
Phone:  (423) 439-5251

Graduate Catalog Links

MPH ENVH Program

Attention:  Those interested in applying to the MPH in environmental health should apply through SOPHAS.



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