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Desire 2 Learn

To access your profile and personal settings in D2L, click on your name in the Minibar and select either Profile or Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

image of the minibar with the personal profile dropbox expanded.

Account Settings

Changing your account settings allows you to customize many of your viewing options within D2L. Remember, the preferences you set are personal and will not affect the way your students see your course. Upon selecting Account Settings from the Personal Settings drop-down menu, located in the minibar, you will be taken to the Account Settings Homepage. Your preferences in D2L are broken up into 3 tabs. Simply click the tab for the preferences you want to set.

image of account settings


Account Settings

  • Font Settings - Change the font settings in D2L to make text more readable for instructions and navigation bars. This will not affect content viewing. Also, if you increase the font size past 18 your navigation bars may disappear.
  • Dialog Settings – Allows you to set the way secondary windows open in D2L.
  • HTML Editor – Allows you to turn off the Rich Text Editor and view HTML source code.
  • Locale & Language – Allows you to set your preferred language and time zone.
  • Signing In – A green dot will appear next to the name of anyone online in D2L. You can change your online status if you prefer that students not know you are online in D2L. The setting will revert back the next time you login to D2L. Students do not have this option.


image of discussion board options

  • Personal Settings – Change the default view, display settings, list style, and reply settings for Discussion Boards, settings can also be changed in Discussion Tool.


image of email options

  • Email Options – Configure email options and create an email signature.


D2L makes it easy to control your online persona. You can include any information you would like to put up about yourself but remember that other D2L users (students, faculty, and staff) will be able to view this information. Any information you put under profile will be viewed by anyone who can view your Classlist. Only enter information you are comfortable sharing with others.

image of the edit user profile page

To change your online persona or picture, select the Change Picture button and select a web friendly graphic on your computer. You can use a jpg, gif, or png. You may fill in any information you want to reveal to other users in D2L. Click the trashcan icon to delete your user picture.


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