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East Tennessee State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can add a First Mate?

Any student has the ability to add a First Mate.  Use the Setup Instructions at the left to add a new First Mate.


How do I allow my First Mate to make payments on my account?

The First Mate system allows view only access to your records.  Payments are processed through the Goldlink Account Suite payment system. You must enable your First Mate as an authorized user in that system.  They must then use the Goldlink Account Suite login to enter the system as an Authorized User.  Please visit the Goldlink Account Suite Setup Page for more information.  The URL for the Goldlink Account Suite login is


What should I do if I never got the New Proxy email?

Send an email to


What is the passphrase?

The Passphrase is a password used by your First Mate specifically when calling certain ETSU departments (Registrar, Business Office, Financial Aid) for information about you. This is done in order to comply with state and federal laws protecting confidential student records. Please remind your First Mates to retain and secure this passphrase for future use.  


What information can be authorized?

You may allow access to certain ETSU Goldlink pages.

They are as follows:

  • Account Information:
    • Tax Notification
    • Account Detail for Term
    • Account Summary for Term
  • Advisement:
    • Advising Summary
    • View Holds
    • Immunization Status
    • View Student Info
    • Transfer Evaluation
  • Course Scheduling:
    • Student Detail Schedule
    • Week at a Glance
    • Active Registrations
    • Registration History
  • Financial Aid:
    • Financial Aid Status
    • Loan Application History
    • Award History
    • View TN Lottery Scholarship Eligibility
  • General Information:
    • Registration Status
    • Concise Student Schedule
    • Academic Transcript
  • Grades:
    • Midterm Grades
    • Final Grades
    • Attendance Reporting

Why can't I use the same email address for multiple First Mates?

The email address is the unique identifier for the First Mate system.  An email address can only be associated with one person.


I am selecting items that I want my First Mate to have access to, but where is the save button?

There is no save button.  The functionality on the Authorization tab, where you select the pages that you want your First Mate to have access to, saves your selection immediately upon each click.


I no longer want my First Mate to have any access to my information.  What do I do?

Access to information can be removed in several ways. You can change the Stop Date on the "Profile" tab or you can remove all check marks on the "Authorization" tab.


Will my First Mate be notified if I modify or remove authorization to view my information?

There is no automatic notification sent to your First Mate when you modify the list of pages on the "Authorization" tab.  If you want to notify them of any changes, click "E-Mail Authorizations" on the "Authorization" tab.


If I make someone a First Mate, can they call ETSU if they have questions about the information that they see?

If your First Mate has a question about the functionality of the First Mate system, they should first check the First Mate FAQs.  If you would like your First Mate to be able to discuss the information that you have authorized them to view, you need to assign them a passphrase on the "Profile" tab.


I only want my First Mate to have access for a particular time frame.  Can I set a date range?

You may set a start and end date for each First Mate on the "Profile" tab.


Can my First Mate call or come to ETSU to talk about my information on my behalf?

Yes.  But they must have the Passphrase.

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