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East Tennessee State University

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as a First Mate?

The First Mate system allows you to view your student's records through the First Mate system.  You will be able to see aspects of your student's records that have been individually granted (listed below in the FAQ).  The student is the only person that authorizes the viewing of their student records and records can only be viewed through the First Mate system.   

Being a First Mate does not authorize you to contact university faculty on behalf of your student.


How do I get to the login for First Mate?


How do I make payments on my student's account?

The First Mate system allows view only access to your student's records.  

Your student will have to add you to their "authorized users" in the payment system for you to be able to make payments to their account.

Please visit the ETSU Bursar's Office page for Important Links and Information, Payment Plan Information, and demonstration videos.

What if I am the First Mate to more than one student?

You can use the same Email for multiple student accounts.

 What should I do if I never got the New Proxy email?

Send an email to

What is the passphrase?

The Passphrase is a password used specifically when calling certain ETSU departments (Registrar, Business Office, Financial Aid) for information about your student. This is done in order to comply with state and federal laws protecting confidential student records. Please take care to retain and secure this passphrase for future use.  Students authorize this access.  An email is sent to you with the Passphrase.

What information can be authorized?

Your student may allow you to access certain ETSU Goldlink pages.

They are as follows:

  • Account Information:
    • Tax Notification
    • Account Detail for Term
    • Account Summary for Term
  • Advisement:
    • Advising Summary
    • View Holds
    • Immunization Status
    • View Student Info
    • Transfer Evaluation
  • Course Scheduling:
    • Student Detail Schedule
    • Week at a Glance
    • Active Registrations
    • Registration History
  • Financial Aid:
    • Financial Aid Status
    • Loan Application History
    • Award History
    • View TN Lottery Scholarship Eligibility
  • General Information:
    • Registration Status
    • Concise Student Schedule
    • Academic Transcript
  • Grades:
    • Midterm Grades
    • Final Grades
    • Attendance Reporting

I used to be able to see information, now I cannot.  What happened?

Your student is in control of the information that you can view.  If you can no longer see an item, please contact your student.

Can students remove you as a First Mate?


What should I do if I forgot my PIN or my PIN is disabled?

Your student can reset your PIN. You will receive an email entitled "ETSU First Mate PIN Reset Confirmation".

Can I call or come to ETSU to talk about my student's information?

Yes.  But you have to have your Passphrase.

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