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Honors Living & Learning Communities

East Tennessee State University

Living - Learning Communities

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At ETSU, we want you to succeed both in and out of the classroom and to become an active member of the campus community. Our intentionally designed living-learning communities give you a chance to live together with students who share common interests and passions and take your experience living on campus to another level!

Members of the faculty and staff, in partnership with student leaders designated for each community, develop experiences that bring the students in the community together.

Why participate in a living-learning community?

  • Make friendships that can last a lifetime
  • Enhance your leadership and collaborative skills
  • Connect with faculty and staff members who share an interest or passion
  • Get the most out of living on campus!

Residential learning communities have been shown through testing and research to be beneficial to college students and help students succeed. Join us and get started on the right foot at ETSU!


Contact us at with questions.



 Click a living-learning community for more information!

phllc The Pre-Health Living-Learning Community (PHLLC) is for committed students who want to actively pursue careers in healthcare offered through ETSU's Academic Health Science Center and beyond.
Honors Living Learning Community
The Honors Living-Learning Communities (HLLC) are designed to give specialized support and programs geared towards the needs of Honors College students.
fyre The FYRE program at Buc Ridge provides an engaging and fun residential experience for new students as you transition to campus.
  The Student Community Organization of Business Education (SCOOBE) Living-Learning Community is focused on the development of students' knowledge in multiple facets of related disciplines offered through the College of Business and Technology.
Computing Community The Computing Living-Learning Community (CLLC) is for freshman students interested in careers in Computing offered by ETSU’s Department of Computing.
The Spanish Language and Cultures Living-Learning Community  The Spanish Language and Cultures Living Learning Community provides a language-immersion environment to foster language proficiency, increase cultural awareness, and to make a community around the exciting cultural and artistic contributions of Spanish-speaking people and history. 


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