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University Honors Scholars

East Tennessee State University

The Academic Experience

University Honors Scholars Curriculum

The UHS curriculum offers scholars unique courses student research poster
specifically designed for the UHS cohort; small classes taught by
excellent, full-time faculty; honors general education courses; an
interdisciplinary approach to course content; preparation for
conducting research. The curriculum culminates in the writing and
presenting of an undergraduate honors thesis. 

In addition, University Honors Scholars are encouraged to pursue
other opportunities such as study abroad, a Washington Center
Internship, or department or college internships.

The program includes:

  • Eight semesters of Honors Colloquium (8 hours total) -
    Collo provides
    student presenting in classroomopportunities for new scholars to engage in
    orientation activities, and all scholars to engage in public service,
    small group activities, personal and professional development,
    and academic and social activities.
  • Honors Quest I & II (6 hours total; fall and spring freshman year) -
    Quest is a yearlong literature and philosophy seminar that the
    UHS freshman cohort takes together. The first half meets the
    GE humanities requirement and the second semester gives
    students either English 1020 credit or a philosophy elective.
  • Honors Artistic Experience (3 hours; spring freshman year) -
    meets GE Fine Arts Requirement
  • Honors Sophomore Seminar (3 hours; fall sophomore year) -
    Currently Great Ideas in Science
  • Honors Intro to Women’s Studies or students at research conferenceHonors Intro
    to Cultural Anthropology

    (3 hours; usually spring of sophomore year) -
    meets GE social/behavioral sciences requirement
  • Honors Literature (3 hours) - meets GE literature requirement
  • Honors electives (12 hours total) -
    in the student’s major, minor, or general electives
  • Honors Foundations of Research
    (2 hours; spring sophomore year or fall junior year) -
    Foundations prepares students for their thesis work.
  • Honors Thesis in the student’s major
    (6 hours over two semesters, usually senior year) -
    Often counts as major electives depending on department.

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