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University Honors Scholars

East Tennessee State University



To remain in good academic standing, University Honors Scholars who are receiving a scholarship are required to enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours, and those not receiving an honors scholarship must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits, each regular semester (fall, spring).   Students enrolled for Honors Thesis credit, who have completed all other requirements for graduation, may be permitted to enroll in fewer than 15 credits, but not less than 12 credits, for one semester.  Permission to waive the minimum enrollment requirement must be requested by the student in advance of the semester in consideration.  Students enrolling in less than 15 credits without prior approval are subject to probation.

University Honors Scholars are expected to be engaged and involved in the University Honors Scholars program, including regular enrollment in appropriate honors courses.  All students must complete the approved University Honors curriculum in addition to making satisfactory progress in their major and minor degree programs (e.g., timely completion of courses).

The minimum number of honors courses (credits) in any honors program must be met.  Conflicts may arise, owing to student participation in study abroad/exchange programs or from class schedule conflicts (beyond student control) with required major or minor courses.   In these cases, delayed enrollments in honors courses (preferred method), substitutions of other honors courses, or alternate assignments may be allowed.  Students should provide a complete description of the conflict (courses and reasons for the conflict) to the University Honors Scholars program director for approval.  

Failure to enroll in Honors Thesis (xxxx-4018 or equivalent approved course) without approval will result in loss of scholarship and/or dismissal from the University Honors Scholars program.  Students must enroll for thesis hours no later than the first semester of the senior year.  

To graduate with honors diploma and transcript recognition, students must complete all curriculum, GPA and thesis requirements of the University Honors Scholars Program.  Grade(s) of B or better are required for Senior Honors Thesis.  Students on probation their final semester must meet the minimum GPA requirements for Honors recognition.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the University Honors Scholars program director.

Grades of 'F' or 'FN' are not acceptable on an honors student transcript.  Students receiving an 'F' or 'FN' grade are required to contact the University Honors Scholars program director immediately, no later than the first week (January, June, July, or September) of the following semester (including summer terms, whether enrolled or not).   Students receiving an 'F' or 'FN' grade will be required to repeat the course(s) as soon as possible (i.e., at the next offering).  If the course will not be offered before the student plans to graduate, the University Honors Scholars program director will determine, in consultation with Honors College staff, appropriate substitute requirements.  Failure to abide by these requirements will be result in dismissal from the University Honors Scholars program and loss of Honors Distinction on diploma and transcript.PROBATION

If University Honors Scholars fail to meet the semester GPA requirement or one of the above expectations, scholars may be placed on probation.  During the initial semester of probation, University Honors Scholars retain their scholarships and continue to enroll in honors courses.  If during a subsequent semester, a scholar's GPA falls below 3.25, the scholar will lose the University Honors scholarship for the next semester but will continue to participate in the honors program.  If a scholar's GPA falls below 3.25 for a third semester, the scholar will be dismissed from the program.

Semester GPA Requirements:

  • First Semester - 2.75
  • Second Semester - 3.00
  • Third Semester - 3.15
  • Fourth and Subsequent Semesters - 3.25


The Honors College follows University policies and procedures regarding Academic Misconduct.

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