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Academic Technology Services

Classroom & Online Education

Video Conferencing and Classroom Services

Cisco WebEx

WebEx is a web-based conferencing software used to share information and host meetings over the internet. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam. Applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint can be easily shared, and entire meetings can be recorded.

WebEx is freely available to all ETSU faculty and staff. Any faculty and staff can obtain a username and password to create and manage meetings. Once those meetings are created, anyone in the world can access them from any computer connected to the internet. Visitors accessing the meetings do not need to be affiliated with ETSU. Anyone can attend a meeting.

If you are an ETSU faculty/staff member and are interested in obtaining a username and password for WebEx, simply email or call us (439-8611).

WebEx Help Site
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Instructional Television (ITV)

Instructional Television uses state of the art technology to expand the classroom beyond the university and into your life.  Let us assist your group in expanding the reach of learning outside the campus and into the world.

Our mission is to provide state of the art video conferencing/recording capabilities to the ETSU campus. We want to ensure the reach of ETSU extends beyond the physical walls of the institution by providing streaming, lecture capture, and video production technologies.


Experience and Innovation

Since 1989, ITS has been providing live classes to remote campus facilities. In the years since, we have offered our video conferencing facilities and services to the ETSU campus and community to host live events and private meetings hosted in our distance education classrooms.

With 20 years of video conference and distance education experience, ITS is committed to innovating new uses for streaming technology making ETSU a leader in online education.


Codian Bridge

ETSU is leading the charge in high quality audio and video conferencing in the region. Our Codian Conferencing Bridge allows us to conference other standards-based h.323 units anywhere! Acting as a live video conferencing switchboard, the Codian Bridge can connect endpoints from any geographic location with ease allowing a stable, multi-point conference limited only by the endpoint's available bandwidth and network infrastructure. The term "bridge" is another term for a Multipoint Conferencing Unit or "MCU." The MCU "bridges" different endpoints, allowing different sites and sources to connect together in a single conference channel. This conference displays camera and content (usually computer) separately, allowing a receiving endpoint to view them independently or together. Our Tandberg-Codian bridge was originally developed by the Codian company, which is now a wholly owned division of Cisco, one of the world's largest IT hardware manufacturers.


ITV Classrooms

All of our ITV dedicated classrooms are full multimedia rooms with Crestron control panels, Document Cameras, Smart Podiums and Polycom endpoint solutions.

We have dedicated rooms on campus in Lamb Hall, Sam Wilson and Brown Hall as well as overflow rooms available for larger classes.
We have off campus locations in Kingsport, The Natural History Museum (Fossil site) in Gray, Greeneville, Sevierville and Morristown and the ability to conference in any location with a H.323 compliant endpoint.

With the Tandberg Content Server, ITV records all synchronous classes and archives them for later viewing. Each class is available for streaming following the lecture and includes full video and audio of the lecture, as well as the instructors computer and presentation materials.

Information Technology Services wants to make sure that you are comfortable teaching on ITV. We want the experience to be at least as rewarding and easy as teaching in a more traditional classroom. Of course there are differences in the way your course will be conducted and the way the room itself functions. ITS provides a knowledgeable and helpful staff to aid you in your course delivery. The handbooks on this page serve as a supplement to the initial room orientation for all first-time ITV instructors. If you are new to teaching on ITV, or are considering teaching on ITV, please download and read the PDF document linked here. It will answer many of your questions and give you a better understanding of ITV in general.

Scheduling ITV Classrooms

Scheduling and creating ITV courses in Banner is a bit different than typical scheduling.  The information on this page should help you schedule and create your departments' courses in Banner.

Click here for a PDF which may be of assistance in building an ITV course.  It contains information related to the classroom sections, both on main campus and at satellite campuses, as well information about streaming and WebEx-based classes.  

SACS regulates that all ITV courses must be scheduled through Information Technology Services.  If you wish to schedule an ITV course, please contact us first.  We will work with you on selecting a time and assist with section numbers, rooms, and seating capacities.

Support Contact

Patrick Adkins
Patrick Adkins
Technology Development Coordinator

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