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Information Security

Information Technology Services

ITS Security
tactical plan diagram

Strategic Plan

Information Security Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Information security is essential to the mission and institutional strategic goals of East Tennessee State University. ETSU supports a comprehensive campus–wide information security program and recognizes that information security is a shared responsibility; as a result, the university is set to establishing its first formalized information security program.

tactical plan diagram

Tactical Plan

Information Security Tactical Plan 2017-2022

This plan outlines and further breaks down the necessary steps for implementing East Tennessee State University’s Information Security Strategic Plan over the next five years. It identifies the minimum set of required high level steps needed to accomplish each strategic goal.

Mobile Device Secuity

Mobile Device Security

Protect your data, protect yourself

In order to better serve our students, the University is taking steps to help students secure data on mobile devices that sync with the University’s email system.

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