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Project Update | May 22, 2024
The July 1 launch for the Voyager Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform powered by Oracle is postponed. Since the very beginning of this project, quality has been prioritized over speed of implementation. The ultimate goal is to significantly improve operations at every level, generating new efficiencies and a better experience across campus. Continuity of operations is essential and must be maintained. A consultation with external experts will assess the ability to execute the Go Live process. An updated timeline will be provided as more information is available. The Voyager website is being updated to reflect current project status.


Today, the computer systems used in Finance and HR utilize a complex combination of computer software, data standards, and work processes. A move to a modern cloud-based platform gives ETSU the ability to use an integrated system that promotes real-time communication, data entry efficiencies, enhanced security, automated workflows, and evolving technologies. Voyager is the name selected for this new system and represents ETSU’s continuing journey towards operational excellence. ETSU is voyaging into the future and exploring new ways to ensure we support the activities and information needs of our campus. Over the duration of the project, we’ll be rolling out great new capabilities in both Finance and Human Resources (HR). Read about the project goals.


A large project like this will be a significant amount of work for ETSU staff. Planning for this large project began in 2019. Throughout the project, the Finance and HR departments will learn a new system while also managing day-to-day activities that keep the university operational. ETSU staff affected by the project are ready for the challenge and really want to impact the university community.

As of May 2024, the project is paused until a quality assessment is completed. 

A graphic timeline of the Voyager planned project timeline. Features a lined graphic with 13 points. The points highlight project milestones and are as follows: Jul 2022, Project Kick Off; Deptember 2022, Human Capitol Management HCM) Kick off; December 2022, HCM Conference Room Pilot (CRP) 1 & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Kick-off; January 2023, HCM CRP 1.5; February 2023, ERP CRP 1; March 2023, HCM CRP 2 & ERP CRP 2; June 2023, ERP CRP 2.5; September 2023, HCM CRP 3; November 2023, ERP CRP 3; March 2024, HCM CRP 3.5 & ERP 3.5, April 2024, User Acceptance Testing (UAT); May 2024, Training; May 2024, Project Paused.

Information is Key

While there will be changes, every effort will be made to keep people informed. Questions are welcome. Training and preparation will be made available to those using Voyager. Project progress will be communicated through multiple channels, including website updates, campus newsletters, digital signage, and various campus forums.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

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End-User Training Overview – Our Website Moved!  (April 2024)

End-user training will include things like live training, remote training, self-guided tutorials, or virtual office hours. Currently, the training team is working with campus trainers to create and optimize content for end-user training facilitation.

As we get closer to end-user training, registration for instructor-led training will be through the web page. Bookmark the Voyager Training page.

What is the New System?

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The human resources function plays a crucial role in the success of organizations through the nurturing of trust, growth, and culture. Oracle’s complete HR solution uniquely enables organizations to connect data, processes, and policies to ultimately improve the employee experience.

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