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2 Factor Authentication

Information Technology Services

How 2FA Works

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) will be enabled at the system level, which then makes it required for all email accounts.

2FA means you will log in with both your password and an additional security measure, such as:

  • a code delivered via text or mobile app
  • a push (or pop-up) notification on your smartphone
  • a voice call delivered to your office or cell phone

Configuring 2 Factor Authentication

  1. Please click "Setup Instructions" link from the left navigation and choose the device you wish to configure (Windows Desktop or Mac Desktop)

What Changes will I see in How Desktop Email Sign-In Works?

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application
  2. The FIRST time you login after configuring 2 Factor Authentication, you will enter your ETSU username and instead of your normal ETSU password, you will enter your app password. You should only have to complete this step one time.
  3. If you need additional app passwords, you can easily create them by following these instructions.
  4. Access your outlook application as usual

What Changes will I see in How Webmail Sign-In Works?

  1. Enter your username and password as usual.
  2. Before taking you to your email list, you will be asked for a code to confirm the access request.  A code or notification will be sent to your phone via text or a voice call.
  3. Enter the code, or answer the voice call. This confirms “you are you.”

Report any unexpected text messages, app alerts or voice calls to  as these notifications may be a fraudulent attempt to bypass 2 Factor Authentication.

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