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Undergraduate Student Advisement

East Tennessee State University

Student and Advisor Responsibilities


Student Responsibility

Advisor Responsibility

Learn the name and office of his/her advisor early in his/her first semester at ETSU.

Maintain adequate posted office hours and appointment times for advisement.

Consult with his/her advisor on a regular basis each semester, especially prior to registration, when in academic difficulty, prior to changing minors or concentrations, prior to making changes in an approved schedule, or withdrawing from ETSU.

Keep all scheduled appointments and to notify the student in advance if it is not possible to keep the scheduled appointment.

Schedule and keep appointments with his/her advisor, at appropriate times each semester and notify advisor prior to scheduled appointment if student must reschedule.

Gain the necessary training to effectively advise, guide and refer students to ETSU resources applicable to the student's program of study.

Seek assistance with the decision to be made rather than expect the advisor to make the decisions.

Use ETSU resources including online Undergraduate Catalog, departmental websites, general education, proficiency intensive, graduation, program requirements and licensure requirements to guide and refer students.

Be familiar with ETSU Policies and Procedures, major department's website and program sheets as well as the Online Undergraduate Catalog.

Maintain a complete accurate advisement record for each student in order to monitor progress towards goals and graduation requirements.

Maintain copies of his/her program of study inclduing general education, proficiency intensive and graduation requirements.

Regularly check and respond to student emails in a timely manner.

Be familiar with and utilize information available on GoldLink (registration status, holds, academic transcript, early semester progress grades and end of term grades).

Refer students to the academic deadlines as posted on the ETSU online calendar and in GoldLink.

Update his/her contact information (address and phone numbers) in a timely manner using GoldLink.

Assist in the advisor reassignment process when applicable.

Activate and regularly check his/her campus email account (email).

Understand and comply with the mandates of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended (FERPA).

Know and observe academic deadlines as posted on the ETSU online calendar and in GoldLink.

Follow through with appropriate action after the advising session and to verify all GoldLink transactions as related to adding or dropping classes.


Seek reassignment to a new advisor if differences between the advisor and student should develop.


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