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Transfer and Adult Student Outreach

School of Continuing Studies & Academic Outreach


Specific Policies and Academic Regulations

This transfer/articulation agreement leads to the awarding of the associate degree by the two-year institution and the baccalaureate degree by East Tennessee State University. You must satisfy all other academic regulations of the major, degree, college/school and university standards (such as grade point average and retention requirements).The intent of the agreement is to encourage you to complete the associate degree prior to transfer to ETSU. Students completing the associate degree under the terms of the articulation agreement will enter ETSU at junior status. All two-year institution credit indicated in the articulated program will be accepted in transfer without evaluation on a course-by-course basis.

  1. Articulation agreements are effective for six years from the date you enter collegiate level work at a two-year institution. If more than six years elapse, the articulation agreement in place at the time of transfer to ETSU will determine your progress toward baccalaureate degree completion.
  2. You must apply for participation in the articulated program while enrolled at a two-year institution. Two-year institutions will note on your transcript that the associate degree was completed according to the transfer plan. East Tennessee State University will honor the terms of the agreement for admission to ETSU.
  3. In order to be eligible for admission to ETSU, the student must have an associate degree in the major/emphasis specified from two-year institution and a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
  4. If you do not complete an associate degree, ETSU will evaluate your transcript on a course-by-course basis.
  5. When entering ETSU, students must meet the standards and follow the procedures outlined in the ETSU undergraduate catalog:
    for the year you enrolled in the articulated program at a two-year institution, or
    you may follow the current ETSU catalog.
    if more than six years elapse after your initial two-year institution enrollment in the articulated program, then you must meet the terms of the current ETSU catalog.
  6. You must satisfy:
    specific course requirement for a bachelor's degree,
    program, major, or degree requirements or academic regulations required for progression and retention in your major,
    ETSU's residency and graduation requirements,
    requirements for awarding or use of any nontraditional credit (e.g. CLEP, AP, credit-by-exam, military services, etc.)
  7. Course substitutions in your major may occur with the approval of the ETSU academic department chair.
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